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The blame game

Posted: January 12, 2021 by chrisharper in Uncomfortable Truths

By Christopher Harper

After hundreds—perhaps thousands—of demonstrations over the years in Washington, D.C., how could law enforcement officials have been so poorly prepared for the attack on the U.S. Capitol?

For the most part, that question has gone unanswered as the media and Democrats blame President Trump.

The chaos showed that government agencies had no coordinated plan to defend against an attack on the Capitol.

The U.S. Capitol Police chief, Steven Sund, said he asked his supervisors for the National Guard to be put on alert long before the rioters exploded into the House and Senate. That request was denied.

“If we would have had the National Guard, we could have held them at bay longer, until more officers from our partner agencies could arrive,” said Sund, who, along with other law enforcement officials involved in the mess, has resigned.

Sund said that House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving rebuffed the idea, arguing he was uncomfortable with the “optics” that such a move would bring. Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger told Sund that he should informally reach out to his contacts at the Guard and ask them to be on alert, Sund added.

Both Irving and Stenger have since resigned from their posts in the fallout of the riots.

Despite numerous postings on social media calling for violent action, various federal agencies apparently failed to take the rhetoric seriously.

Dozens of posts listed assault rifles and other weapons that people claimed they were bringing to Washington. People discussed what types of ammunition would be best to carry and whether medical personnel would be available to treat the injured.

“It was such an embarrassingly bad failure and immediately became an infamous moment in American history,” said R.P. Eddy, a former American counterterrorism official.

Despite all of the red flags, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a letter to top federal and local law enforcement officials that warned against massive police deployments. Bowser had complained loudly about the large presence of riot police during last June’s protests by Black Lives Matter.

All of the requests for support came far too late, resulting in National Guard troops arriving hours after the assault started.

“We rely on Capitol Police and federal law enforcement to provide an assessment of the situation,” Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said. “And based on that assessment that they had, they believed they had sufficient personnel and did not make a request.”

Ultimately, the rioters are responsible for the mess they created.

Now the politicians are shoveling the blame toward Donald Trump when the House and Senate leaders didn’t like the optics of a sufficient number of cops to handle the rioters.

As a result, the optics got a lot worse.

I don’t think you can do better in illustrating how little state and federal lawmakers and judges understood the cost allowing the steal of election 2020 than this tweet and exchange with Lindsey Graham.

Horse meet barn door

Every state and federal lawmaker who passed the buck can take a bow as the left/deepstate do their best to destroy the freedoms we’ve taken for granted for our lifetime. And believe me they haven’t gotten started yet.

One of the oddities at the conclusion of our first Civil War was that the south ad its people was ready to make Jefferson Davis, the scapegoat for all that happened to him. The treatment of him after his capture how so over the top that not only did it produce objections from people in the North who were all in when it came to the war but didn’t hold with barbarity but it instantly rehabilitated and the southern states and it’s people.

It strikes me that the instant censorship and the move to try to impeach President Trump with less that ten days to go has accomplished the same thing, spoiling their perfect frame.

Trump is going to emerge from this more powerful than ever and moreover it will be a power that will simmer underground in places they can’t see.

As I look at the left/tech/media going wild with censorship and just plain falsehoods and so many going along with it I’m reminded of a line from the movie High Noon when Marshall Kane goes to his old broken down mentor for help and advice because everyone is deserting him

Martin: It figures. It’s all happened too fast. People have to talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it. Maybe because down deep don’t care, they just don’t care.

This seems to be the way people are taking the sudden and instant loss of freedom. They’ve never lived without it and they never learned it was worth fighting for so they don’t know what it means to lose it.

In ten days everyone going to get an education.

With all that’s happening this story isn’t getting the play it should:

The yield on 10-year Treasury debt rose to 1.1% by Friday from 0.91% to end Monday. With the Democrats winning control of the Senate, the likelihood has increased that Congress will approve spending at least a few hundred billion more dollars to prop up the economy. That means better growth and slightly higher inflation could emerge. Bond yields reflect those expectations.

The idea that Democrat policies are going to produce growth is laughable but the fact that interest rates are going up means trouble. The only reason the spending that’s been going on since Clinton’s days hasn’t destroyed us has been that interest rates have been basically zero meaning that we pretty much were dealing with trillions of dollars of 0% loads. Once rising interest rates are combined with free money it become weimar pretty fast

I’m not surprised that the general public doesn’t understand this but you’d think Barron’s would.

One more economic thought on this subject. One of the things about the Trump Boom was tax revenues were pouring in so well that it allowed states like NY & MA and even Ca to cover the costs and consequences of their policies.

The Biden bust is coming and that will no longer be the case. The reckoning will not be pretty.