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A Sad Tale

Posted: January 15, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

As I see what’s been going on since November in general over the last 10 days in particular I have to say this.

I’m only slightly disappointed in the Democrats, you have to remember that I didn’t expect better of then and I stated bluntly that the only reason why President Trump won in 2016 is the left didn’t think they needed to steal the election and the long delay in finally calling it that evening was all about seeing if they could steal sufficient votes to solve the problem, but not having time or the coordination and planning that was available by 2020 it just wasn’t doable.

I am however disappointed in everyone else, either through inaction or fear has gone along. I always presumed that Americans were adverse to having their rights and prerogative taken from them but apparently that died with the world war two generation.

They may not have been the greatest generation of Americans but apparently they were the last.

As a rule republics commit suicide, it may still be possible to resuscitate ours over the next four years but that will depend on how willing the people will be to let it die rather than do the heavy lifting required to keep it alive..