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By John Ruberry

Okay, I admit, the headline is provocative, and absolutely click-baity. But stay with me here. In two weeks the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump will begin. Presidents of course can be impeached by the House and removed from office for committing “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

There’s just one obvious problem here. On Wednesday Joe Biden was sworn in as Trump’s successor.

Last year on his Cabinet of Curiousities podcast Aaron Mahnke spoke of a “particularly dark and corrupt moment in the church’s past,” the Catholic church that is. That moment was the trial of Pope Formosus in 897.

The Holy Father was accused of a grab bag of crimes, including perjury, seeking to be the bishop of more than one jurisdiction, and coveting the papacy. Because he was unable to speak in his defense, a deacon was appointed for that task. Formosus was found guilty, he had three middle fingers cut off–the fingers used for blessings–and buried in an obscure cemetery not befitting the Bishop of Rome. His body was quickly exhumed and then dumped in the Tiber River.

If the prior paragraph doesn’t make complete sense it’s because Formosus, after a five-year papacy, died in 896. His successor was pope for just two weeks, the next pope was Stephen VI, an enemy of Formosus. He called for what historians label the cadaver synod. Stephen ordered the first exhumation of Formosus. His corpse was then dressed in papal robes, propped on a chair, and the conviction process began as there was certainly no doubt of the verdict, despite an earthquake during the trial that might have elicited a few doubts among Vatican officials.

Just as the guilty verdict of Formosus was set twelve centuries ago, so was the House of Representatives’ vote to impeach Trump a second time, just one week before the end of his term. Trump’s chances for an acquittal in the Senate are much better. In essence, the second impeachment process against Trump is his cadaver synod. It’s about making a political statement and playing to the base.

The justifications for the second impeachment from Democrats vary, but the primary goal seems to be preventing the former president from seeking another term in 2024. Another reason for impeaching and removing Trump from office, now moot, was that he possessed the nuclear strike codes. After the first Trump impeachment, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, knowing that the odds of the Senate voting to convict Trump were remote, called the lower chamber’s vote “an impeachment that will last forever.” Presumably this will be a second impeachment that will last forever. Oh, and it’s a splendid way for Pelosi and the Democrats to tar the Republican brand.

A third run for the White House, in my opinion, is unlikely for Trump. The former president will be 78 in 2024; yes, that is the same age as Biden, who is clearly an old 78. Three years is a long time for people in their 70s. And in the last 100 years no president who was defeated in a reelection attempt has tried to regain the White House. Only one, Gerald Ford, has seriously considered it. And Trump, again in my opinion, damaged his brand in the last weeks of his presidency by his slowness to condede defeat, his hostile phone call to the Georgia secretary of state asking him to change the election results there, and the riot at the Capitol–which by the way the president did not incite. And the riot, the destructive work of about 1,000 conspirary theorists and other screwballs, was not an insurrection. While Trump is a clearly a unique politician, political moods change. In 1980 Americans weren’t clamoring for Gerald Ford–they wanted Ronald Reagan.

The Trump cadaver synod is a two-minute hate for Democrat politicians and a way, perhaps for the final time, to fill their campaign funds in the name of Trump, and a hate that is being cheered on by the anti-Trump media, who will soon see a drop in readers and viewers now that their enemy is out of office.

In other words Impeachment Part Two is a waste of time.

As for Formosus, his body was recovered by a monk and buried–for the last time–in St Peter’s Basilica. His accuser, Stephen VI, was pope for little more than a year. After the cadaver synod Stephen was imprisoned and then strangled to death.

As for voters, a much more civil revenge will be to return the GOP to majorities in both houses of Congress.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Why Would Anyone Have Expected Different?

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Sir Humphrey: We run a civilized, aristocratic government machine, temporized by occasional general elections. Since 1832 we have been gradually excluding the voter from government. Now we’ve got them to a point where they just vote once every five years for which bunch of buffoons try to interfere with our policies and you’re willing to throw that all away?

Yes Prime Minister: Power to the People 1988

The Biden administration is only a week old and we’ve seen Unions that endorsed him, the National Guard, sick Americans and even the State of New Mexico that supported him thrown under the bus.

We have also seen some “conservative” shocked SHOCKED at moves that have enabled China, backed away from optimistic cries on COVID and has made a target of are gone.

It’s taken less than a week.

I’d blame Biden but given that he has to have a person telling him via an earpiece to salute marine guards (and is not able manage that instead repeating what he hears) anyone stupid enough to believe that his guy is in charge deserves to be ruled by such a man, if they were being ruled by such a man. That’s why I (and you) should never say: “Joe Biden did ‘x'” and instead should say: “The Biden ADMINSTRATION did X” because Joe Biden is no more running this country than he is running his twitter account.

A lot of scales are dropping from people to whom it might just now be occurring that when you put in power an administration that doesn’t have to worry about being elected is that they don’t have to worry about what voters, even voters who supported them, think as they were not necessary for their election and won’t be necessary for re-election

And as Sarah Hoyt who has lived under an actual repressive regime put it :

What are you going to do, Vote him out?

Expect it to get a lot worse because the people who engineered the robbery of 74 million Americans of their franchise is didn’t do it simply because they didn’t like Donald Trump, they wanted the power and riches that power brings and intend to take it for themselves and those who they serve even if it meant the end of the American republic.

Unexpectedly of course.