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Lets run down some things that are pretty basic to me.

  1. Given the degree of fairness and accuracy of the media’s reporting I am not making any judgement on what actually happened in Washington until I get it from sources I trust.
  2. For almost a decade I’ve been warning our friends on the left that eventually Americans will reach their breaking point. Stealing this election has helped us reach it. I suspect it will get much worse before it gets better.
  3. There are a lot of people pounding their chests (yesterday the Mayor of Boston was one of them) about violence who either had nothing bad to say about the riots of the past two years or insisted they didn’t exist. Such people are to be ignored.
  4. You can count the number of people shot and killed by Capital Police during the Kavanaugh protests when you had people banging on the doors of the SCOTUS after getting access on fingers and toes of the black knight that remained after his famous battle with King Arthur.
  5. As a general rule I give police (or anyone else for that matter) the benefit of the doubt when facing a mob. A mob doesn’t have to be armed to be dangerous & if the officer who fired had either a legitimate fear for his life or for the lives of those he was protecting then this would be a case of justifiable homicide.
  6. One of the best ways to avoid being shot by police FYI is to obey the law and furthermore obey lawful commands given by police during the execution of their duties. Failing to do either is a bad idea no matter what your political, social or religious opinions are.
  7. An investigation of the situation that led to an officer firing the shot that killed Ashli Babbitt will no doubt take place. If it is determined that he had proper cause to fire that should be the end of it. If it is determined that he fired without proper cause then the appropriate actions from disciplinary sanctions to prosecution should take place and we should accept the judgement given whatever it is.
  8. I predict that there will not be media eulogizing Ashli Babbitt. There will be no activists on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC & CNN insisting we say her name, nor will there be streets named after her nor marches and candlelight vigils on her behalf. Hey it’s not as if she was robbing a Korean convenience store, or overdosing on drugs, threatening a woman who has a restraining order or her or even shooting at cops. Honors are reserved for such people.
  9. There will be no calls from the left for the defunding of the Capital Police.
  10. The attempt to blame the President for all this is despicable and dishonorable. Anyone who drops support of President Trump over what happened yesterday is either a fool and/or a coward.
  11. The reason why, in my opinion, you are seeing such a backlash concerning what is happening now vs the shooting of Steve Scalise or the beating of Rand Paul is the realization by members of the media/left/tech/deepstate that they are now potential targets of violence, particularly now that there has been bloodshed and their support of such acts when done by their allies might come with a personal physical risk and cost. Perhaps that should have been considered before supporting such violence in the past.
  12. Riots are bad, violence is bad. If you want to convince people that riots and violence are bad you likely shouldn’t spend two years excusing and or supporting such stuff.
  13. Storming the Capital was a bad idea but as I’ve said before a worse idea is spending a decade provoking people who have been arming themselves to the teeth and then demonstrating via stealing an election that attempting to use the ballot to effect change is futile.
  14. President Trump made it a point to leave the various governors and mayor to handle things in their own cities (expect when federal property was involved) I suspect Joe Biden’s administration to come down with an iron hand on supporters of the President.
  15. I expect said Iron hand will not be restricted to those who are contemplating violence. I expect the practice of using Federal agencies to harass political opponents that took place during the Obama years will be back in full force.
  16. If you ask if there should be federal indictments of those who violated the law in DC this week my answer is: “Yes, certainly and they should be handed down as soon as the indictments of all those who broke federal law this summer in Seattle, Portland, DC, NY, and all over the nation where riots and looting took place and as soon as all those who got into federal building during the Kavanaugh hearings are handled. As soon as all those indictments are taken care of, then those who entered the Capital yesterday should face indictment and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.”
  17. We are in just a couple of weeks going to see the irony of police being proactively used by those who hate them against those who support them.
  18. Absolutely none of this takes place if Donald Trump had been treated from day one as a normal president.
  19. As I see what is happening I keep thinking of Sherman’s lines to John Bell Hood during an exchange of letters in the Atlanta campaign: “You who, in the midst of peace and prosperity, have plunged a nation into war – dark and cruel war – who dared and badgered us into battle” I think this is an accurate description as to what the left has done and what is coming.
  20. I know I said this yesterday but it’s worth repeating today: “Nothing a Biden administration does is worth the cost of my soul or yours and to act in contrary to the best results of your soul is exactly what the enemy hopes to achieve by enabling them. Oh and for the record, the enemy I’m referring to are not the democrats, they’re just, wittingly or unwittingly, working for him.”
  21. Finally a piece of advice, if you are allowing your day to be ruined by what corrupt pols do in Washington DC then you need a different life.