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As best I can tell, AT&T has not communicated a single word to its affected customers. They could have texted or emailed me with updates, but they never did. So, I visited some online forums to try to figure out what was going on. A website that tracks outages had a lively forum going on, and one sad post exposed how destructive it can be to require internet access to operate most everything in your house.

“My whole house runs on Alexa, so no heat, lights or internet is what I am dealing with.”

It’s bad enough when people can’t live without their cell phones (I’ve been without one for 3 years and find I like life better without it) but it’s idiocy to make your so many things in your life dependent on the net. Forgetting the privacy concerns (anything connected to the net that can hear you when it want it to can hear you when you don’t) one net outage will literally leave you with no way to live your life.

One should always have redundancy to back up a possible net problem and/or even manual redundancy to back up a power outage. Having devices that function without the net and/or power and being prepared to live without them these days is called “disaster prep”

There was a time not long ago when it was called “life”