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With the ratification of the Constitution the United States became a Constitutional Republic.  Under that form of government the Constitution was the supreme law of the land,  As a Constitutional Republic the United States enjoyed more than 200 years as the freest and most prosperous nation that ever existed.  That all came to on end on January 6th when the fraudulent election of Joe Biden was certified by a joint session of the United States Congress.  There are many safeguards built into the United States Constitution that were meant to prevent the fraudulent election of president.  All of those safeguards were ignored by a plethora of corrupt or cowardly politicians.  With that the Constitutional Republic known as the the United States died.  It will most likely be replaced by a socialist democracy bearing the same name.

Our Constitutional Republic died because a gaggle of corrupt Democratic politicians and election officials in Democrat cities in six states decided that they would work very hard to steal the presidential election for Joe Biden.  These thieves were aided by the corrupt Democrat propaganda arm known as the mainstream media, their fascist thugs that crush descent by silencing conservatives on the social media sites that they control, and the company who made the voting machines.  If you do not believe the election was stolen I strongly recommend you augment the websites you get your news from with websites that actually report the news accurately.

Our Constitutional Republic died because the Republican legislatures who controlled, I believe five out of the six of the stolen states, certified the fraudulent election results.  In most cases they failed to investigate the widespread fraud.

Our Constitutional Republic died because the judicial branch on the state and federal level failed to do its constitutional duty when faced with an obviously fraudulent election.  For too many decades courts all across the Untied States have been packed with partisan hacks instead of jurists.  Liberal partisan hacks are by far the worst.

Our Constitutional Republic died because the Republican party is made up of far too many cowards who almost never do the right thing.  Their cowardly behavior was on full display during the joint session of congress where only seven Republican Senators voted against certifying the fraud and about a hundred or so in the House.

Our Constitutional Republic died because the Supreme Court failed to carry out its constitutionally mandated duty regarding fraudulent elections.  They chose to dismiss the election fraud cases on technicalities.  The three Trump appointed justices displayed a remarkable amount of cowardice.

Our Constitutional Republic died because we allowed progressives to take over our colleges and universities.  For far too many decades college students were brainwashed into hating our Constitution.  Far too few of us understand what a remarkable gift that document is, or understand the true meaning of any of its clauses..

Our Constitutional Republic died because civics is no longer taught in our grade schools and high schools.  It was replaced by progressive indoctrination known as social studies.

Our Constitutional Republic died because we the people chose not to do anything about the rampant election fraud.  We allowed our elected officials to do nothing to stop it.  We allowed ourselves to be locked down and cower in silence because of fear over the Coronavirus.  There is so much we the people could have done non violently to stop the fraud.  Far too few of us acted in any meaningful manner.

Over the past many decades both parties have almost completely ignored the Constitution, although the Democrats were the worst. Now that the Progressives are in full control of the presidency and both houses of congress they will dismantle all remaining vestiges of constitutional restraint. Because they got away with the theft they will do it over and over again. They will incorporate the election fraud into federal election law. They will eliminate the filibuster and stack the Supreme Court with the most liberal justices.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was like in the United States where men were free

Ronald Reagan from the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission’s Final Report

Yesterday morning I had an appointment for a COVID test. I’d been in COVID quarantine since the evening of January 9th after 1st DaWife and then DaSon tested positive for the virus. I had tested negative when DaSon tested positive and was prepared to return to work yesterday but had started showing mild symptoms on the 16th. Because of MLK day the earliest I could get tested was yesterday at 10:30.

As I was heading home the thought struck me to drive to the monument in Fitchburg to our Minute Men who on April 19th of 1775 answered the Alarm from Lexington and Concord. On the raising of the alarm 42 men of the town assembled, muskets in hand to help their neighbors who were being challenged by their mother country, the strongest empire in the world still ascendant.

It was a little after 11 am when I got there. I stayed in the car, re-read the monument that I had seen since I was a kid, now moved about 50 yards back from its original position to a park that was built a few decades ago, reflected on those men, their courage and what must have been going though their minds that day and said a prayer for them wondering if the next four years would be the undoing of all they stood for.

I got my answer less that two hours later as one of the first acts of the New Administration was this:

Minutes after Biden took office, the Report of President Trump’s 1776 Commission (on which my colleague Peter Kirsanow served) was taken off the White House website.  I am told a Biden Executive Order has abolished the 1776 Commission already.

Take a look at the time stamp of this tweet

Consider. We have been told for days that an “insurrection” took place on the 6th and that the threat to the new administration was so great that barbed wire and 20,000 troops were necessary to secure it. A threat so bad that Nancy Pelosi requested machine gun emplacements to cover a supposedly free people yet given all these worried and the actual priority of the inauguration itself elimination of this report was so vital to the incoming administration that it was scrubbed before its first hour was complete.

As I said at the time when someone downplayed it


I urge you to download and read the report and if at all possible read it to your children. Teach them what America was and in most places still is, if we do that now then perhaps I will be spared the horrible duty of so day explaining what it was like to be free to grandchildren who never experienced it.