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An Army of Telosians Slaves

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Telosian Magistrate: Wrong thinking is punishable. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded. You will find it an effective combination

Star Trek The Menagerie Part 2 1066

Ghost of Christmas Past: Truth Lives!

A Christmas Carol 1984

Yesterday on Twitter I found myself being accused of “ageism” because I pointed out that Joe Biden was not Compos mentis. The person who made this accusation is a person I’ve known for decades, whose house I’ve visited and who citied the fact that his father at 86 was teaching Calculus.

The real world cultural implications of this argument is one of the saddest things I’ve seen in my 57 years.

This fellow is an intelligent person, a bit of a rebel is certain ways that I won’t repeat as I don’t want to cause him trouble, but most of all he is familiar with actual truth and actual evidence the difference between reality and propaganda.

This person is also a deep and I mean DEEP leftist. Oddly enough before the election he had very little to say to me on twitter, in fact I can’t recall a single tweet from the man to over the last several years even though he’s been on twitter since 2008.

So why would he suddenly decide my statements the statements of a fellow with only a few thousand followers require a reply?

The answer and it’s implications are serious.

If I wanted to feed my ego I’d presume that it’s the task of him (and perhaps millions like him) to go after smaller guys like me is part of the general censorship of conservative thought to be kept out of the public square as a danger to the new order. To some degree that’s true but I suspect it’s not true enough to make someone like me worth targeting, at least not yet anyways.

I suspect the real answer is more akin to the character Vina from the original Star Trek Pilot later made into the two part episode The Menagerie.

Mike knows what the reality is, but to acknowledge that reality in public is dangerous because it can result in the othering of him, a risk to his job, his livelihood and to his position and social standing.

But I think it’s deeper and more painful than that.

To have to live a lie, to pretend a reality that one knows is not true can not be easy, even if it is for the cause. To have to do it in the face of others unwilling to go along with the game, to pretend not to see reality that in right in front of their face for the sake of the cause must be unbearable for someone who has been by nature a free spirit.

Every day that we resist having our thoughts caged and refuse to acknowledge their false reality is a reminder that they are in fact in the cage, even if they as true believers are considered favored members of their menagerie they are still in a cage.

As the telosian Magistrate put it:

The customs and history of your race show a unique hatred of captivity. Even when it’s pleasant and benevolent,

There are plenty of ignorant leftists who were taught poorly and have no understanding of the reality in front of them. Our enemies invested a lot of time, money and effort to be sure of this.

But to someone who is old enough, smart enough and educated enough to know reality and have to both in public and in private life contrary to it has to be hell.

I know that the next four years will be rough and I won’t be surprised if I run into problems, both legal and financial, for my unwillingness to play along, but I’d not trade places with such a person for all the comfort in the universe.