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Posted: February 20, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Cases of Wuhan virus infections continue to drop, and, as reported by Dr. Marty Makary in the Wall Street Journal, over the last six weeks, are down a whopping 77%.  Approximately 15% of Americans have been vaccinated, which is certainly helping, as is herd immunity – so many people have had the virus, and developed natural immunity, without even knowing it. Dr. Makary, professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, notes that testing for the virus catches only 10-25% of the total number of infections, so millions have been infected and never knew it, or never reported it. He predicts the Wuhan virus will be essentially gone by April.

Great news! Schools can re-open! Restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, movie theaters! Life can return, right?

Fortunately for Dr. Markary, he does not live in the Teacher’s Republic of California. Here, middle school principals tell families it is highly unlikely schools will fully reopen by fall. Here, cities actually have to sue their own school districts to try to get them to reopen. Here, school board members, confronted at a board meeting via Zoom by families fed up with the closures, complain that the parents only “want[ed] their babysitters back,” just wanted their kids in school so they could smoke pot, and privately threaten to “f— up” those who dare “call [them] out.”

Can we all stop pretending the education establishment has anything but their own best interests in mind?

My eternal thanks and admiration for all those doctors, nurses, police officers, grocery store clerks, auto mechanics, postal workers, gas station attendants, restaurant cooks and servers, and all those other workers who went out into the world during this once-in-a-century (right? right?) pandemic to do what had to be done to keep our society going as much as possible.

Incredibly, public school teachers are not among those who can be so thanked, for whom we can be so grateful. Instead, they holed up, forced our kids to try to learn through an electronic screen maybe a foot wide, without sports, without assemblies, without lunch on any quad. The school establishment claims to care about their students’ mental health, even as they force them into isolation and loneliness.

And still today, as the virus wanes and the nation’s health returns, the public school teachers cower, and President Biden, who so conspicuously vowed to “follow the science,” instead cowers in pale imitation of the teachers’ example.

But hey, education is essential.  They promise.

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