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By: Pat Austin

Well, it was really just a matter of time, but here we are with Covid.

Last week my husband felt really fatigued and felt “sinusy.” It didn’t get any better so he went down for a Covid test; in twenty-four hours his negative results came back. Thinking he just had a cold, and that the incessant rain and damp weather might be part of the problem, he went on about his routine.

This past Tuesday, I was at school when I noticed a dry, non-productive cough come up. I was tired. No fever. I decided to take Wednesday off and rest; but then fever started. I went to Urgent Care and got a rapid test. 


I’ve got to say, the fella at Oschner Urgent Care was wonderful; his enthusiasm for his job was great! He was so pleasant and he asked if it was my first Covid test. 

“Yes…” I said. He could sense my panic as he held this very long swab in his gloved hand.

He explained exactly what would happen; I said okay and he did the test. 

He sent me back out to my car and said he’d call in ten minutes.

In five he called.  “You are POSITIVE for Covid-19!” like I’d won the lottery. 

“You’re kidding…” I said.

“I would NOT kid about something like that!” He gave me the stay at home directions, told me Oschner would be reaching out to check on me, and that was it.

Once my positive results came back, my husband went to Urgent Care and did a rapid test; Positive.

My son is also positive. So, here we are.

I feel like he should be on the tail end of his Covid because we both feel like he was positive last week but just tested too soon. An article in the Washington Post explains:

Early in an infection, the virus may not have reproduced enough to be detectable. The false negative rate of PCR tests on the day of exposure is 100 percent, but falls to about 38 percent five days later as symptoms usually set in, according to an analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The rate decreases further, to about 20 percent, after three more days.

My husband’s PCR test last week may have been too soon.

Our symptoms have been manageable, if certainly uncomfortable. Initially, I felt like I had a mild cold although there is a tightness or light pressure in my chest, and behind my ribs in the back. It’s weird. We are both very fatigued. I have low fever in the evening, around 99. No cough right now. I have headache but that’s not all that uncommon for me. I have unbreakable chills every night.

This is not like any flu I ever had. It is weird in that there is some odd new symptom every day. You feel okay one day and the next like a bus hit you. We lost two more people we know to Covid this week. They were otherwise both perfectly healthy. Not. The. Flu.

Neither one of us knows where we got this. I assume I got it from my husband which is crazy because I was always so certain I would get it from my classroom. There is certainly Covid in the schools. My classes are full and we are only two feet apart. I am very grateful that my students were probably not exposed. Monday and Tuesday they were working on Chromebooks writing narratives and I was able to monitor and assist from my own computer through Google classroom. I was not within six feet of any of them and I stay masked all the time.

Going forward in our quarantine, I’m trying to take it easy and let my body fight the virus. It is so hard for me to sit still, so I have to make myself leave the laundry alone, not clean out a closet or drawer, not do yardwork. I’m trying to stay in touch with my students through Google Classroom.

If you’re a praying sort, we will certainly be grateful for your prayers for a mild bout and a quick return to good health! 

Stay safe and wash your hands!

The biggest take away from this piece is that the Trump Administration’s record of success is even more astounding than I previously thought.

The easiest way to determine if the left actually cares if Americans trust our electoral system will be the steps they take to make said system transparent enough so the legitimacy of ballots can be assured or the lack of said steps which will confirm that such trust is irrelevant if their current power and the privileges thereof is maintained.

Given the nature of Football until Patrick Mahomes actually manages to play 10 years in the league any talk of him being the equal of Tom Brady’s completely atypical success is absolutely insane.

American People particularly those born after 1970 have become like the children of French Aristocrats born in the 1750 or later, They have lived with the rights & privileges of a free America all their lives they do not understand how much extraordinary effort is was expended to secure them nor how fragile they are if said support system is removed.

They’ll learn fast.

The seven years, ten months and twenty one days between Glenn Reynolds initial suggestion that “someone” implement a “welcome wagon” program for blue state residents moving to red states and his decision after repeatedly suggesting it to actually begin doing it himself perfectly illustrates C.S. Lewis point concerning the difference between an idea conceived, understood & even acknowledged publicly by many as conducive to the public good and actually converting said idea into meaningful action..

A half empty type of person would note that my monthly traffic is half of what it once was and that my Alexa rank is over 400,000 spaces lower than it was at its peak nine year ago while a half full person would note that with 1.19 billion web sites in the world today my site’s traffic ranks me in the top .05% worldwide without a facebook account, an Instagram account to help boost it up.