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A Switch in Time Might Save Nine but Doom 300 Million

Posted: February 26, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

This week the Supreme Court decided that they didn’t want to touch any of the election cases that finally made their way to them calling them moot with the election over.

In one respect this is not a surprise in that the modern era the court tends to prefer to punt whenever possible. Furthermore with the threat of court packing they seem to have decided to go the way of Justice Owen Roberts whose sudden switch in terms of his voting pattern during the FDR when he was threating to pack the court, era removed his desire to follow through with his scheme far more than any backlash from the public.

But the feckless move to prevent the Biden Administration from court packing will have a huge cost in four years.

It’s axiomatic that when you reward behavior you get more of it and we had plenty of election irregularities last time around to say the least. Because they were so glaring and obvious the courts doing their best to duck these issues (or in the case of the Stacked PA court simply ignoring the law) avoided ruling on the merits of the various cases using issues like standing to dismiss said suits over and over.

Many of us who were outraged by all of this, and particularly outraged by the court not willing to rule before the electoral count however figured the various suits would continue through to courts and were willing to give this election a mulligan figuring the cases would eventually be ruled on their merits and the fraud prevented.

For the republic to be saved this was vital. If I am wrong (and the evidence overwhelmingly suggests I’m not) and the election wasn’t stolen it was vital to demonstrate this to the millions like me who think otherwise, if it WAS stolen (and I maintain that it is) then it was vital to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Now we know that is not going to be the case and we can expect the same pattern in the next cycle when suits concerning fraud before the election are dismissed because the injury has not taken place and suits after the election dismissed because they should have been filed before and said suits making it to SCOTUS being dismissed over jurisdiction or being moot.

This means that tens of millions of Americans, many of them heavily armed are going to go into the next election with the assumption that:

  1. The election will be rigged or stolen
  2. The courts will either abet this stealing or ignore it

I can’t think of anything that the court could have done to make an actual civil war more likely than this.

Over the last month we have seen a consorted effort to sell a false narrative that a bunch of unarmed protesters (with a nice sprinkle of Antifa to goad them on and $ provided by the networks for those who did the goading) taking selfies were a violent “insurrection”.

Thanks to the fecklessness of the court the chances of us seeing the real thing in the next few years with actual armed men and women ready to fight have increased dramatically.

My they be happy with their choices

Heard from Zilla today. The good news is that you guys came through enough that she has been able to get some basics that is needed since getting out of the hospital, and my thanks to everyone who helped.

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