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On Today’s edition of DaTechGuy’s no frills spontaneous Podcast we talk about what the Liz Cheney vote told us about election 2020, I talk a little about the Super bowl and explain why Donald Trump being gone from the presidency means the same for blue states as Tom Brady’s being gone from New England means for Bill Belichick

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Brady vs Belichick Illustrated

Posted: February 5, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

If you want to understand the difference Tom Brady makes to the proposition that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time here is the easiest way to do it.

At the end of the 2019 Season Bill Belichick was 3rd on both the all time regular season wins list and overall wins list Here is the chart

CoachRegular Season WinsOverall Wins (Reg + Playoffs)
Don Shula328347
George Hallas318324
Bill Belichick273304
Through 2019 season

Now here is the same chart adjusted for the results of the 2020 season

CoachRegular Season WinsOverall Wins (Reg + Playoffs)
Don Shula328347
George Hallas318324
Bill Belichick280311
Through 2020 season

George Hallas coached 40 years until age 72 Shula coached for 33 years until age 65 Belichick is now 68 years and has coached for 26 years. With the NFL expanding to a 17 game season simple math tells us that he coaches another 6 years he can equal Shula’s all time win numbers without a single winning season (8-9) by age 74. He will manage to edge him in the all time chart in a mere five seasons (age 73). It is very possible that he will manage at least one or more winning seasons during that time but with the improvements in Miami and Buffalo it’s also possible that 8-9 is overly optimistic without a Brady and if he can’t manage an over .500 season does Robert Kraft keep him for the five or six years needed to take that top spot?

I submit and suggest that if Tom Brady had started for the Patriots this year at age 43 and played two more seasons in New England retiring at age 45 per his stated goal the day TB 12 retired Coach Belichick would be 13 games or less behind Mr. Hallas on the regular season list and and the sole owner of the all time overall wins list.

Does anyone seriously doubt that this would be true?

FYI, while I’m busting on Belichick let me point out that if he does not draft Brady with that 199th pick AND he does not keep Brady as the 4th QB on his roster that 1st year AND he does not decide to keep Brady when Drew Bledsoe recovers from his injury. Tom Brady might be selling insurance today or be a color commentator for either Michigan or perhaps a local radio station.

Belichick was the only coach in the NFL that recognized Brady as a talent and recognized it to the point where he was willing to take risks to keep him. That he didn’t recognize that he was still his best chance to win 20 years later does not mitigate in the least the vital role he had in Brady getting a chance to play in the NFL nor his development.