DaTechGuy’s Spontaneous Podcast, Byrne, Cheney Brady Trump and Blue states

Posted: February 5, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

On Today’s edition of DaTechGuy’s no frills spontaneous Podcast we talk about what the Liz Cheney vote told us about election 2020, I talk a little about the Super bowl and explain why Donald Trump being gone from the presidency means the same for blue states as Tom Brady’s being gone from New England means for Bill Belichick

You can watch here

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  1. raynold vincent says:

    if you’re relying on an article by Byrne, then you’ll believe anybody. He’s a wannabe know it all & hasn’t the slightest clue what’s really going on in Trump’s head.
    Trump isn’t buying 2% of what all those people advising him. He’s a hell of alot more cognizant of who he can trust than you realize. * Brady will get injured & his career will be over* after this superbowl. His chances of coming out unscathed are slim. The odds are stacked against him, & he’s well aware of that fact. Your analysis is faulty & biased. I lived in New England for 4 yrs. & you sound like every other Patriot fan I know. Cognitive Dissonance is what I’m reading in your podcast. I am also from Florida, & pick the Chiefs to win.

  2. Aelin says:

    Thanks very much for the tip on the Patrick Byrne articles. Very interesting to read, and they do give a whole new perspective. Very helpful as far as trying to understand the whole situation post-election. He has since added a fifth installment, perhaps you know.

  3. Aelin says:

    Now there is yet a sixth installment. Byrne mentions the loyalty question and brings in a sports analogy too….. for a minute there it made me wonder if I had accidentally opened your blog.