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It’s two weeks in and I see one common thread between the Trump and the Biden Administrations.

The Trump administration , as I’ve noted many times keep promises to the American voters. Donald Trump understood that it was the ordinary American voter who put him in office and made it a point not only to act in his or her interests but to do all he could to convince said voter to give him support.

The Biden administration on the other hand, took very little interest in the avg voter, not campaigning, not drawing voters and once in power taking step after step that that harmed the voters who had given said administration their support. While this might seem different it is in fact entirely consistent with what the Trump administration did. Why? The I submit and suggest the answer is simple

The Biden administration like the Trump administration understands exactly who is responsible for their being in power and thus has acted according to their interests and desires.

It just so happens that in their case, it doesn’t happen to be the voters.