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Serving the Niche NFL and Impeachment edition

Posted: February 10, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Despite what had to the marque matchup in history and a country full of people forced to stay home the Superbowl has managed to see their lowest ratings in fifteen years (back in the days when Tom Brady had only 3 superbowl rings but I digress…). Amusingly front office sports comes up with many excuses but none of them seem to cover the whole “get woke go broke” business.

Despite this the league decided to go full woke both in their presentation, their guests and even in the commercials, all seemingly with the intent to chase away those with the wrong belief set.

Now in the NFL is a huge industry and the drop in revenue while likely to hit the salary cap is not enough to make most of the players feel it but it would seem odd that they would make a presentation to encouraged those who dropped them to stay away.

But in a way it makes perfect sense. Once you figure out that you are unlikely to win back the portion of your customer base that you offended and further that the section that remains is offended by any thought of welcoming them back it’s quite logical to program for that remaining section of the market in the hopes that they stay.

In other words the NFL which once imagined their product over a global market is now in transition to a niche market and once that happens you will find that the niche will shrink further and further as the demands of said niche become more strident.

The same dynamic is taking place in the Senate this week.

The President’s attorney says all of this is a hoax, but that’s really the wrong word for it, it’s actually “marketing”.

Most if not all of the members of the Senators and the House know that the charges in this impeachment is a sham, that there is a distinct lack of evidence for said charges (which is why the vote was rushed because the more time passes the more it becomes clear that what happened was preplanned and quite a few of the left’s allies were involved in said planning.) and that the chance of conviction is slightly higher than looking out your window to see a Mastodon walking down your city street.

So why go through this theater? Well it’s quite simple. The violent activist left is now the primary niche market that media, academic, entertainment, and the Democrat party serve and that violent left must be appeased.

These are people who would if they could take President Trump and every one of his supporters and put them on the cart to be executed in the public square while they look on and cheer. Their lack of actual numbers combined with a heavily armed populace makes this unlikely, thus the next best thing has to be done.

They must be given a sense that the Democrats are doing something, that they are defanging the dangerous Trump and his followers. As long as Democrat pols are seen doing this they are appeased. They created, tolerated and used this monster and now with power in their hands need to keep it tame so they don’t face their claws.

Put simply his trial is about feeding Democrats niche market of fanatical leftist Robespierres because they know that it’s only keeping them fed by targeting us that’s keeps them off the cart