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Democratic governance

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While D.C. Democrats try to impeach now-former President Trump, a constitutionally-questionable but revealing move – seems they can’t believe Biden won, either – the Democratic governors of the nation’s two largest states, California and New York, are in crisis mode.

A senior aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo – son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo – has now confessed to covering up the numbers of nursing home deaths caused by the Wuhan virus, which should doom Cuomo’s political present, let alone future. The poor dears were worried big bad President Trump was going to use the data against them politically, so they decided to lie to the public.

Last March, as the Wuhan virus took hold, Cuomo notoriously ordered infected elderly patients to return to their nursing home residence, where the virus would spread like, well, a highly contagious virus. In the U.S., 34% of all Wuhan-related deaths have been in nursing homes.

Cuomo claimed there had been 8,500 Wuhan-caused deaths in New York nursing home. Turns out it was nearly 15,000 people who died.

A man of any trace of honor would have resigned his office, but the days of honor seem lost, a relic of another time. Only chumps resign office these days, it seems.

Meanwhile, in California, the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom is on. The recall campaign reports it has obtained the required 1.5 million petition signatures, a month ahead of the St. Patrick’s Day deadline. Once the signatures are confirmed, the state Secretary of State – Democrat Shirley Weber – will schedule a recall election, likely in the fall.

The only other California governor to be recalled successfully was Democrat Gray Davis in 2003, replaced by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. So far, Republican John Cox, the Republican candidate who lost to Newsom in 2018, has announced his intention to run again, as has the former mayor of San Diego, Republican Kevin Faulconer.

Trump’s former ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, appears set to run as well.

The media will be disappointed to know that one-time Bruce-named Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner has declined to run. The media’s loss is sanity’s gain.

Some strategists claim Grenell’s candidacy will doom the effort at unseating Newsom, turning the election into a contest between Newsom and a Trumpist. But that ignores the dynamics of a California recall election.

On the recall ballot, voters will be asked two questions: shall Newsome be recalled, and, if so, who shall be governor? If more than 50% vote to recall Newsom, then whoever gains the majority of the remaining vote wins. Which means Grenell needs only a plurality of votes, not a majority, to be elected. With Trump still seeing strong support among Republican voters, dismissing Grenell’s chances would be unwise.

We want belief

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As the impeachment trial winds down, what’s next?

My prediction: widespread non-compliance of future laws.

I watched the Bill Clinton impeachment trial, and it seemed pretty silly at the time. On one side, we wanted to remove a President for lying about a sexual relation he had with an intern. His defense seemed just as silly, as I watched people come up and talk about everything from race relations to economics. All around, it seemed kinda silly.

Trump’s impeachments were even sillier. Admitting news reports as evidence, without actually using eye witnesses or first-hand accounts? It basically broke down to “Trump said things we don’t like,” which in itself is a double standard considering the large number of Senators and Representatives that call for violence against Trump supporters on a regular basis.

Trump’s impeachment won’t change anything in Washington DC. But it will move a lot of people to no longer comply with the law. In front of everyone we’ve seen how the justice system no longer seeks justice. We’ve seen how easy it is to throw someone in jail over small items, or worse, over news reports that don’t have a shred of truth to them. The justice system is committed to getting convictions, period. The truth has become a afterthought.

People will react accordingly. When people don’t believe that the laws they live under are fair, they will find ways to circumvent them. They also will remove their participation from this part of society. We’re already seeing this as police forces are struggling to recruit new officers. The military faced this problem in the wake of the Vietnam Conflict, and will likely face it again given the new focus on “domestic terrorism.” Nobody wants to work where you could get punished capriciously, so they’ll vote with their feet.

The next thing we’re going to see is non-compliance with the worst of rules. If President Biden pushes for gun control, you’ll have gun owners melt into the background. The police can’t afford to go door to door and search every single house to find guns. Heck, they can’t find all of the illegal weapons, let alone legal ones. The same will go for LGBT training, zoning rules, traffic fines, etc. People will simply walk out of training, not follow zoning rules and simply not pay fines. The more it happens, the harder it’ll be to enforce compliance, and the more it will embolden these actions.

We live in a society that relies on most people voluntarily following the law. Police officers are there to punish law breakers, but we’ll never have enough cops to punish widespread disregard for the law. If a large swath of the population doesn’t believe the law is fair or being applied fairly, they’re going to disobey, and it’ll be difficult to stop them.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

You might recall that I argued that four years ago that the reason why Donald Trump won is because the left believed their own polling and was sure that Hillary had it in a landslide thus didn’t bother to fix the election in their key strongholds.

Meanwhile Democrat Bosses in Wisconsin Michigan and Minnesota had no inkling that the election was close, that being the case there was no reason why, in an age where proof of a federal offense is a cell phone video away, Dem bosses in Detroit or elsewhere felt the need to take any risk.  They figured those states were won (and they were right about Minnesota) and by election night it was too late to change it.

However that won’t be the case in 2020,  I’ll wager that in 2020 the bosses in Milwaukee, Detroit, Madison and elsewhere will be ready, we’ll see plenty of mail in ballots and absentee ballots that we didn’t see before in those states and plenty of voters looking to go for the GOP will be in the same spot that Steven Kruiser was on election night.

We have four years to prepare for this so we’d better get ready because as our friends on the left have demonstrated in the past, they play for keeps.

All of this while prophetic might not be relevant expect for one point.

You’ll note I didn’t have New Hampshire on that list. This is because in 2016 there was a key race for the Senate. On the GOP side Kelly Ayotte was running for re-election against Maggie Hassan.

It was very close and it seemed to take an awful long time to call such a small state, but Hassan ended up winning 354,649 to 353,632 a difference of only 1,017 votes and by an odd coincidence despite winning the primary there by a wide margin Donald Trump managed to lose NH as well.

While a few of us raised the question of fraud in NH with President Trump having the majority in both houses and the left all in on swinging electors nobody bothered to audit the machine at the time.

Flash forward to today and we have this story out of Granite Grok.

Hand Recount in Windham (Rock Dist. 7) Reveals “Machine” Shorted Every Republican by About 300 Votes

Ironically this hand count wasn’t called for by the GOP but by a Democrat looking to flip a local election

That is very strange. That is a large number, large enough that a Republican who lost by 100 to 300 votes would not ask for a recount. Of course, no Republican asked for a recount. It was a Democrat looking for lost votes (24 of them) to perhaps flip one seat in that local election.

And look at what they found. Something, unexpected. Something we were not supposed to see?

St Laurent (d) lost 100 votes, and their Republican opponents all gained 300, plus or minus three votes.

The Grok people being fair minded noted the following

It could be a machine error and unique to this town, but this is a troublesome event given speculation about fraud and Dominion machine counting hacks. And if it is an error what other errors occurred  (see, at the top of the ticket).

But now I ask you this question. If this “error” (have you noticed all such “errors” always seem to go in one direction had been repeated in just four of the 221 towns in NH in 2016 then Mitch McConnell would be the Senate Majority Leader and the dynamic for the Georgia Senate races would have been dramatically different.

Unexpectedly of course

Closing Note: Gateway pundit noted this story and interviewed on camera the Belknap County GOP committee member Dr. David Strang M.D. on the subject:

David told The Gateway Pundit that the Republican candidates in Windham had 6% of their total votes removed by the Dominion-owned voting machines.

According to Dr. Strang, these same Dominion-owned machines are used in 85% of the towns in New Hampshire.

Youtube took down the video locked their account and gave them a “strike” for upload it.

Yup nothing suspicious about that, nothing to see here, move along.

As I like to say I’ll believe there wasn’t a conspiracy to steal election 2020 when the people who insist there was no conspiracy to steal election 2020 stop acting like they were members of a conspiracy to steal election 2020.