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For the past couple of days I’ve been struggling to come up with a topic for this week’s article.  I’m not experiencing writer’s block.  It’s just that there is just so much wrong with our country right now, so much wrong at so many levels.  There are too many topics to choose from so I guess I’ll write about each topic that’s troubling me so much right now.

I know with all my heart that treating every single individual as the truly unique person we are is far superior to the identity politics peddled by the political left.  If you divide us up into artificial groups based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or any characterization you automatically set one group against another.  Just look at how left has vilified white people.  It is just shocking to me.  I know this is nothing compared to how blacks were treated during slavery or segregation, both are also examples of liberals and their identity politics. Treating every individual the same with the same worth, no matter the color of their skin, leads to far less hate and division.

It is absolutely amazing to me how much liberal propaganda infects all levels of the news.  I noticed this decades ago, and it keeps getting worse.  Every single local news broadcast here in Massachusetts is nonstop liberal nonsense.  Hopefully it is different in red states, but I doubt it.  Even the weather is infected, they are constantly pushing global warming and climate change propaganda.  There are so few outlets that actually tell the truth left, especially after Fox News turned traitor.  I am so outraged after the firing of Lou Dobbs.

The crack down against conservatives on social media after the riot on Capitol Hill has reached levels that are on par with the most totalitarian nations.  Check out this article from the Federalist.

Censorship and blacklisting are serious unjust cultural acts that increasingly filter Americans into second-class citizens based on their political viewpoints. The censorship and blacklisting that we are seeing in America right now is viewpoint discrimination. Censorship and blacklisting need to be fully rejected by American society before they become accepted cultural norms that make even worse injustices likely and more possible.

It is truly horrific watching the Biden regime dismantle and destroy the American economy, which is documented in this American Thinker article.

the Biden Administration, the Democrats in Congress, and their fellow-travelers in the Ruling Class are determined to permanently stifle economic growth by their infatuation with hypothetical climate change thus undermining energy development as well as manufacturing.  They credulously claim that the theoretical green energy revolution will replace these jobs and wealth, but that will take decades if at all, and will be far too little and too late to prevent national insolvency. 

Their determination to raise business taxes as well as dramatically increase job- and business formation-killing regulations is anathema to promoting growth.  Their resolve to institute what is tantamount to economic central planning by the bureaucrats in Washington will cause enormous dislocation in financial resources, thus, throttling access to capital for expansion or new business formation.

There is so much more I could write about here in this article but I have to stop now because my blood is boiling too much.

I was and still am a big fan of President Trump’s use of social media to bypass the media filter and communicate directly with the people. Furthermore as alternates to Twitter, and other social platforms develop I would encourage him to prepare for a big return to make the case for America actually trying to serve Americans…

…just not yet.

At the moment we have Biden voters in shock as promises are not kept, jobs are lost and prices increase while the Democrats with control of the house, senate and the White House sit behind barbed wire guarded by troops and do nothing.

Every day this goes on is a disaster for the left and the deep state that serves it, meanwhile court cases unfavorable to this administration (including cases concerning the steal of the election) continue to move forward ready to bite them even worse.

If the Democrats had someone capable of communicating they might be able to distract the public from these failures but I suspect Joe Biden likely has only a few cogent hours a day and these have to be guarded as jealously as possible.

Right now they need a distraction, impeachment isn’t working because nobody’s paying attention to it, what they really want, really need is Trump.

Their combined hatred of the president was the only thing uniting them so they will do all they can to bait him into changing the subject from Joe Biden and his administrations failures which given that he’s been in office less than a month are quite impressive.

I suspect there will be a moment when the people will cry for relief and when none comes it will boil over to the point where the already draconian censorship brigade becomes oppressive enough for people to demand change.

Now I suspect President Trump is smart enough to pick the right moment to return to the stage to highlight the failures of the left in contrast to his successes, and when that moment comes it will be glorious and devastating to the left in general and the Democrats and Biden Administration in particular, but until that right moment comes simply enjoying life and watching them squirm as he does so (perhaps throwing a feint or two to keep them wondering what he’s up to) will frustrate these idiots to no end.

They’ll figure out quickly that they would have been better off not stealing the election & dealing with a lame duck Trump vs a threat in being.