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And Now a Sports Interlude

Posted: March 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

With the Departure of Jackie Bradley Jr the Boston Redsox have now lost all three members of what was once the best outfield in baseball.

It’s fair to say that the best outfielder that the Sox currently have is worse than the worst outfielder they had in 2018 (Andrew Benintendi).

The number of flyouts that will become doubles and the number of extra bases that will be taken against this pitching staff will not be an enjoyable sight to see.

There has been some talk about Shaq’s comments concerning NBA players of today being coddled.

He is of course right but in general the youth of today have not had to face reality in general and have not been said no to about anything so as average students without massive ability aren’t subject to anything resembling discipline I don’t see why he would expect young people in the NBA who by definition have a high level skill set that make them a potential source of revenue for people and are paid highly for it to show any?

This isn’t an NBA problem it’s a societal problem.

Here in New England there is still all kinds of talk concerning who will be the QB for the patriots this year. Will it be Cam Newton? Will Belichick draft a QB, will he sign a free agent, will he do something else etc etc etc.

All of this talk is basically meaningless. As long as Tom Brady is still playing in the NFL he will be the only measuring stick that any Pats QB will be measured against and there is no available QB that can be signed or drafted that will not be found wanting in such a comparison so whoever comes here is going to be here for a paycheck not to take this team to a title. As long as Brady is on the field anywhere being the Patriots Quarterback will be the most thankless job in the NFL.

Personally my thought is that if you don’t have the potential to make this a playoff team I’d just pick up players in the draft to improve other position and perhaps trades for some picks next year presuming there is someone coming up the pike that might be worth looking at.

Am I the only person who thinks it’s both pathetic and creative that the NFL sold the naming rights to their divisions to make up for lost Corona Virus revenue? I mean the Honda West Division? Really?

Frankly the most interesting thing about hockey these days is that it’s been decades since the Montreal Canadians who were once the NY Yankees of the Hockey world has won a Stanley Cup or even been in contention for it.

We’re still nowhere near Red Sox after 1918 futility but the drought has almost reached 30 years. That’s pretty sad.

Finally it appears that with fans shortly to start returning to the various sports venues in the near future the owners have decided to put the breaks on “woke” displays designed to appease the arrogant left.

It’s one thing to do these things when there are no paying fans to offend, it’s quite another to risk fan bases already disgusted with athletes who treat them with contempt.