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If there is one thing we can be sure of from this press conference our enemies who are paying the bills for the guys who stole this election certainly got their money’s worth. I don’t think the US has looked this weak in decades.

If you really want to see the value of total control and or corporation of the MSM with an administration look at the media coverage on the evening news. It’s very easy to give the illusion of a confident president rathter than a dotering dementia patient when you only have to display perhaps a minute, perhaps less of a one hour press conference for your news coverage in order to con the person who doesn’t bother with news and will think of nothing else.

It’s like that project where someone made a trailer for the Shining to make it look like an upbeat family comedy.

For me the funniest thing was him claiming that he had no idea about the rules and preccdents of the Senate, which happens to be the body that he sat in from 1972 till 2008.

In fairness given his state of mind it’s highly possible that this was a true statement.

If you really want the vibe I think I’ve summed it up here

I must admit their ability to resist that pull was impressive.

Finally I can’t imagine them letting him do this again anytime soon. While I’m sure he has at least a couple of cogent hours a day it can’t help when it’s obvious that every reporter is only there to prop him up. But given the left’s ability to delude themselves maybe they can pull it off.