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I’ve been enjoying my time away from Facebook, with the biggest benefit being more time to do things that really matter. I’ve hung out with more actual friends, gotten more work done on the house, and read more actual news and a lot less opinions.

I am still on MeWe and Nextdoor, and Nextdoor supplies me with any additional drama I may need. A few days ago, this gem popped into my feed

Overseer? Rid of crime? Whoa…what’s going on here!

So, for starters, this person lives in a crappy part of town. Nextdoor lists your neighborhoods, so I looked it up…and that neighborhood sucks. It’s not Chicago level, but its not a nice place. On a scale of “let my kids play in front yard” to “requires military escort to visit 7-11,” I’d give it a “keep a knife in your car for protection” level of safety. Basically, the person posting it isn’t off the mark about safety.

Now, when you read the word “overseer,” most people reading this blog probably sucked in their breath. I know I did. But I kept reading.

  • “Rid of crime?” I personally think that’s why we have police officers, but I don’t disagree with the sentiment
  • Streets are clean. Not disagreeing here.
  • Helping people repair homes. Sounds like charity work. I’ve helped my neighbors clean up, and they’ve helped me.
  • Make sure everyone is safe. Define “safe.” If its a neighborhood watch sort of thing…ok.
  • Make sure everyone has food. I donate to the local food pantry, so again, not opposed.

The more I read it, the more I realized I’m not in total opposition to this person. As you can see from the comments, plenty of people paused on the “overseer” word. Given that there are plenty of grammatical errors in the post, I would say this person doesn’t have a great grasp of English. Is it possible that this person made a poor word choice? I think so.

Even better, what if I made some tweaks. Let’s say the post looked like this:

OK, so I had some fun at the end with Karen and CNN. But if someone posted about starting a militia, most of the readers here (including me) would be OK with it. And if we also helped our actual neighbors, again, most would be fine. If we did a food drive, or a repair homes drive, or walked the streets at night to provide presence and deter criminals, again, most people reading this are probably OK with that.

I don’t blame people for jumping on the word “overseer,” but anymore social media has made people so quick to judge others that we’re missing opportunities to connect with real people. If you want to jump on every comment from Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, I don’t blame you, because they don’t have good intentions. But your local neighbor is not Nancy Pelosi (hopefully not anyway). Maybe, just maybe, instead of instantly lashing out against the person, asking for some clarification might be in order.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

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Prince Humperdinck: Your Westley is dead, I killed him myself.

Buttercup: Then why is there fear in your eyes

The Princess Bride 1987

It’s now been just under 50 days since Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States and there is a definite change in the air and by the air I mean the airwaves.

I don’t mean the death of Rush Limbaugh which is of course a huge change in the airwaves I mean the tone.

I don’t mean the absence of Donald Trump which the media has done its best to create

For all of 2020 the News Media was in Persuade mode and once the vote count they became more intense because it was vital to convince people that impossible vote totals in key democrat cities along with attempts to prevent audits and actually stopping the vote count was not the sign of people stealing an election at all..

But now we have reached a point where the administration isn’t even trying to pretend that they are serving the people, not even the ones (and there were millions) who voted for him.

Then you have the house, rushing a vote on impeachment, looking so pathetic in their case that they force a vote on witnesses to produce evidence and then not daring to call a single witness for fear their own might have to testify under oath and lost.

They have reached the point where unable to defeat Donald Trump legitimately they are trying to set up their own kangaroo commission to establish a predetermined result but they are even trying to punish him after death.

Alas for them, when he shows his face the people cheer and his numbers continue to go up and with the failures of the Biden Administration that will only continue.

Meanwhile his enemies are in disarray. The Lincoln Project is revealed for the scum that they have already been. The GOP members of the House who voted against him are floundering in their districts, Mitch McConnell’s numbers have completely tanked, but in fairness having been just re-elected he likely doesn’t care. Nikki Haley cares and has discovered that appeasing the media that hates her vs respecting a President that honored her. And the Democrats are so afraid that they still have troops guarding them even if they don’t trust them and even making up threats that don’t exist

But the biggest change now is media.

They are no longer in “persuade mode” they are now fully and completely in propaganda mode

Never questioning, never wondering their only priority is to keep the country ignorant that the emperor has no clothes.

“Journalism” as a profession is gone, welcome to the age of open propaganda.

Closing thought: In fairness the vast majority of “journalism” over the last 25-30 years was already propaganda, the difference now is they aren’t even try to fake it anymore.


Screams of whiskey

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We constantly hear how we need to get the money out of politics. Everyone knows money corrupts, so getting the money out of politics? By all means.

But while we’re at it, can we get the celebrity out of life?

It’s bad enough we have these often undereducated but very, very rich actors, actresses, musicians and athletes use their precious award-show or post-game camera time sputtering some banal but “important” political point, instead of doing what they’re good at: entertaining us with a droll or witty story (well, at least the actors, actresses and musicians; I’m still not quite clear on what the post-game athlete interview offers).

The actors, actresses, musicians and athletes say they speak out because they can “change” things. They might be right, and that’s a poor reflection on the voters or anyone else who lets celebrity opinions affect their own. But the celebrities use their fame as the currency to get themselves on the air in the first place, so they can spout their opinions. Why this is more acceptable than a successful businessman using his money to buy airtime to spout his opinions is a mystery to me.

The problem is, more and more, celebrity culture is like some bamboo tree with a root system tossing up new shoots all over the field. The similarities between show business and politics left one hoping it was a natural grafting of two branches of the same species, both favoring a mulch heavy in narcissism and vapidity, and that the damage would be limited.

But it is not so.

Jamie Foxx is buying a flavored whiskey company.

Weird, I thought whiskey already had a flavor, called “whiskey.”

The only value Jamie Foxx brings to whiskey is his money and celebrity. He’s not even getting into whiskey because he loves flavored whiskey. As he admits in the trade publication, the Hollywood Reporter, he’s getting into it because he saw it was a popular drink at the parties he threw. Other people liked it. He saw an investment opportunity.

As the Hollywood Reporter also notes, Foxx follows in the footsteps of actor Ryan Reynolds and Aviation vodka, and actor Dwayne Johnson and Teremana Tequila. And, in Foxx’s dream of dreams, in the footsteps of actor George Clooney, who sold his tequila company, Casamigos, for $1 billion.

Now, none of those actors know anything about making a worthy liquor. They’re just rich dudes with too much money sitting around, and people will buy their liquor and we’re going to have something called flavored whiskey everywhere now. Well done, people.

I mean, if you’re going to buy a celebrity whiskey, at least make it a proper Irish whiskey.