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Well six Dr. Seuss books are now verboten on Amazon as are other books and the Clarence Thomas documentary pulled in time for black history month. I think this is an outrageous offense against free speech and expression but Amazon wants to display it’s virtue so they shall not be denied.

However there are some lines they will apparently not cross when it comes to banning books, to wit:

In fact at Amazon you’ve got multiple choices if you want to read what old Chaplin mouth wants to say

Now of course I’m a free speech guy so I don’t have a problem if they want to sell this book or any other. In fact I think they should all be available, but we are now playing under the Amazon rules concerning things that they consider “offensive” so by their own standard some Dr. Seuss books are so “offensive” and “racist” they they will not be carried.

But apparently this rule doesn’t apply to Adolph.

Unexpectedly of course