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I was listening to the audio of the old Doctor Who episode The Macra Terror (2nd doctor) about a society with a fake figurehead leader whose population is brainwashed to serve the state but is actually simply supplying the needs and desires of a group of crab like monsters and if anyone says they’ve seen these monsters they are declared a criminal and control emphatically states: “There are no Macra!”

I dare any person to listen to the episode and not decide that the US is living in this state right now.

In that episode the Macra Terror there were literally cheerleaders whose job was to encourage the people to conform and obey

Speaking of the press have you seen them lately? No action of this administration from the now expanded cages that they hated when Trump inherited from Obama was right and no action by the Biden administration is wrong. And as for noting the bailouts and graft they are united…

There are no Macra!

Speaking of things the press isn’t seeing how about the stories out of Arizona where the attempt to audit ballots and machines hasn’t ended. The latest ditty after officials lost a fight to prevent audits dumpsters full of shredded ballots turned up followed by a suspicious fire at a farm of one of the supervisors board members.

The press’s reaction? Nothing to see here. There are no MACRA!

The only thing more surprising than Milo’s announcement to me is the degree of shock people have over the Biden administrations actions. Once you start stealing elections openly from people and the institutions give why would they show restraint?

But there is nothing to worry about and nothing to see here.

There are no Macra!

Ok I admit there is one more thing even more surprising than this. Yesterday at work one of my supervisors, a twenty something fellow from Guatemala, very nice guy, comes over to me to ask me to do something, I say sure and he starts walking away…singing Sweet Home Alabama with an incredibly strong central American accent.

I did a double take and he turned saying he heard the song in a movie and can’t get it out of his head since. Given it’s one of the classic songs that makes sense but there is nothing that will bring an odd comical smile to one’s face than to suddenly hear this rendition of the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic this “southern man”…very southern.

It is hard to believe that it has only been one year since the Coronavirus lockdowns began in earnest.  It feels more like ten years to me here in Massachusetts because the restrictions imposed by Governor Charlie Baker have been that disruptive to everyone’s lives.  These restrictions will prove to be absolutely devastating for bars, restaurants, and all other types of small businesses across the state.

All of these restrictions were supposed to last only two week and were meant only to flatten the curve so hospitals were not overwhelmed.  The freedom of everyone in the state was flattened along with so many businesses.  Instead of being lifted after the promised two weeks the restrictions were continuously ramped up over the course of the past year.  The governor went as far as imposing a curfew despite the fact that viruses cannot tell time.

Right now all bars are closed unless they serve food, classifying them as restaurants.  All restaurants are only allowed to operate at 25 percent indoor capacity, relying mostly on takeout and delivery.  Most other businesses are also restricted to 25 percent capacity.  It is difficult to imagine that businesses such as restaurants can stay in business long with such restrictions.  The number of businesses that have failed is staggering and will only get worse until the restrictions are lifted.  Governor Baker never produced one shred of evidence proving scientifically that these restrictions limited the spread of this virus in any way.

 Governor Baker went so far as to limit the number of people anyone can have in their own private homes to 10 and impose indoor mask restrictions.  This went into effect just before Thanksgiving and remained in effect during Christmas.

Thanks to our governor everyone must wear a mask whenever they are outside of their homes.  Even people walking by themselves on a deserted street or by themselves in a large open park must wear a mask.  That is a rule I break every day.    I would love to ignore the stupid rule about wearing masks in stores and restaurants but I’m living in Massachusetts.  Anyone who dares to not wear a mask faces a mob of brainwashed busybodies screaming bloody murder.  The managers of the establishment call the police and file paperwork with the police so you can’t shop there anymore.  The police will then fine you a few hundred bucks.   Facing that is too much for single individuals to face,  We need mass maskless protests and a large segment of the population to say no more masks.

The case count here in the state skyrocketed to almost 9000 new individuals testing positive a day during early January.  That is three times the number of new cases at the height of the previous peak in April.  Even though the number of cases tripled, the number of hospitalizations were only half the previous peak along with the peak in deaths.  So many asymptomatic people were testing positive along with those who were never sick enough to need hospitalization.  The massive Coronavirus surge the past several months was only a surge in positive tests.

Since the peak in early January the number of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths has plummeted to just one sixth of the peak.  That is because we have reached herd immunity along with two million being vaccinated.  With all of this Governor Baker must end all of his freedom and business killing edicts.  We the people of this state must demand that emergency powers of the governor be slashed so the people of this state never will have to go through the hell we went through this past year ever again.