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Posted: March 19, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The irony of the fact that the avg age of Democrat leadership being 70 means they are all children of World War 2 era people and should know better.

The Irony of the advancement of the Transgender agenda, which is the extension of the Gay Agenda, which is an extension of feminism which is that all of this has been made possible overwhelming by the votes of women who have been made more alone and miserable by this.

The irony of the current state of the woman’s movement and the current state of the civil rights movement is that those who suffered the most would be horrified by the results.

The irony of the current state of US education is that I can clearly see all the mistakes that were made at the early or mid stages of the fall of the Roman Republic going on in the country, which would be recognized by every schoolchild 100 years ago because they were once taught to every schoolchild in America.

Is there anything more ironic than the American left insisting that the US is a racist murderous and Russia and China making it a point to publicly agree?

Of course not all ironies are bad. Apparently a large chunk of the money being sent back to induvial Americans is being spent on guns and ammo.