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The Equality Act of 2021 perfectly illustrates many fundamental differences between the political left and the political right.  The most fundamental difference being that the political left insists on forcing their beliefs on everyone else while the political right is perfectly fine with everyone believing what they want to believe. 

The political left is hell bent on destroying all traditional norms that have allowed society to properly function.  These norms are moral, cultural, and scientific.  The Equality Act is a perfect vehicle for destroying these norms.

The political left has a great disdain for the United States Constitution.  Those on the left elected to political office do not see themselves to be restrained by that document in any way. Every aspect of the Equality Acts violates the Constitution.  Most notably that act violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.  If passed progressivism would be established as the official national religion of the United States and no other religion would be tolerated.   The free exercise of religion clause would be demolished by that despicable act.

The type of government framework created by our Constitution is a bottom up federal republic not a top down totalitarian democracy.  For many decades progressives have been working very hard to turn this country into a totalitarian democracy where every aspect of our lives is dictated by the federal government.  The Equality Act is a perfect example of this.

Biological sex is the one true dividing characteristic defining the human species.  It is a fundamental truth that humans are either born male or female. There is a very small percentage of those born that have chromosomal abnormalities.  As you can see here, millennia of recognizing biologic sex will be thrown out the window by the Equaliy act. House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex (

The House passed House Passes Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex Equality Act Thursday, which would eliminate the legal definition of biological sex, cater to gender ideology, and designate protection for the unborn as “pregnancy” discrimination.

Gender identity is an artificial construct.  I believe everyone is free to identify as they wish but also everyone is free to disregard whatever someone identifies as.  You cannot force anyone to behave in a manner they do not wish to behave in or to believe what they do not wish to believe in.   This is enshrined in the Free Exercise of Religion Clause of the First Amendment.  The Equality Act forces everyone to follow progressive beliefs on so many fundamental issues.  11 Myths About H.R. 5, the Equality Act of 2021 | The Heritage Foundation

The Equality Act—introduced as H.R. 5 in the House of Representatives on February 18, 2021—makes mainstream beliefs about marriage, as well as basic biological facts about sex differences, punishable under the law. Every person should be treated with dignity and respect and no one should face discrimination. But the Equality Act makes discrimination the law of the land by forcing Americans to conform to government-mandated beliefs under the threat of life-ruining financial and criminal penalties.

The Catholic Church in America is rightly outraged and deeply concerned by the Equality Act.  Here is a Letter_to_Congress_on_Equality_Act_Feb_23_2021 chairmen of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The remaining quotes in this article are from that letter.

Human dignity is central to what Catholics believe because every person is made in the image of God and should be treated accordingly, with respect and compassion. This commitment is reflected in the Church’s charitable service to all people, without regard to race, religion, or any other characteristic. It means we need to honor every person’s right to gainful employment free of unjust discrimination or harassment, and to the basic goods that they need to live and thrive. It also means that people of differing beliefs should be respected. In this, we whole-heartedly support nondiscrimination principles to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.

The Equality Act purports to protect people experiencing same-sex attraction or gender discordance from discrimination. But instead, the bill represents the imposition by Congress of novel and divisive viewpoints regarding “gender” on individuals and organizations. This includes dismissing sexual difference and falsely presenting “gender” as only a social construct.  As Pope Francis has reflected, however, “‘biological sex and the socio-cultural role of sex (gender) can be distinguished but not separated.’ … It is one thing to be understanding of human weakness and the complexities of life, and another to accept ideologies that attempt to sunder what are inseparable aspects of reality.”1Tragically, thisActcan alsobe construed to include an abortion mandate, a violation of preciousr ights to life and conscience.

Rather than affirm human dignity in ways that meaningfully exceed existing practical protections, the Equality Act would discriminate against people of faith. It would also inflict numerous legal and social harms on Americans of any faith or none.

The letter goes on to list different ways the Equality Act will negatively impact Catholics. Each of which gravely violate the Free Exercise of Religion Clause of the First Amendment.

punish faith-based charities such as shelters and foster care agencies, and in turn their thousands of beneficiaries, simply because of their beliefs on marriage and sexuality (§§ 3, 6)

force both people and organizations in many everyday life and work settings to speak or act in support of “gender transitions,” including health care workers and licensed counselors, even when it’s against their professional judgment (§§ 3, 6, 7)

risk mandating taxpayers to pay for abortions, and health care workers with conscience objections to perform them, ultimately ending more human lives (§§ 3, 6, 9)

force girls and women to compete against boys and men for limited opportunities in school sports, and to share locker rooms and shower spaces with biological males who claim to identify as women (§§ 6, 9)

expand the government’s definition of public places into numerous settings, even forcing religiously operated spaces, such as some church halls and equivalent facilities owned by synagogues or mosques, to either host functions that violate their beliefs or close their doors to their broader communities (§ 3)

exclude people from the careers and livelihoods that they love, just for maintaining the truth of their beliefs on marriage and sexuality (§ 3)

discriminate against individuals and religious organizations based on their different beliefs by partially repealing the bipartisan Religious Freedom Restoration Act, an unprecedented departure from that law and one of America’s founding principles (§ 9)

I’m no expert on bathroom lore but I believe the segregation of public restrooms, showers, and locker rooms into biologic male and biologic female was first done by local custom, then it was codified into local and state law.  It was first a voluntary arrangement that was codified into law.  It was done to protect the safety, privacy, and modesty of both sexes, but especially females.   It is a societal arrangement that has worked extremely well perhaps many hundreds of years.  The Equality Act will destroy that putting females young and old in danger.  It will also have devastating psychological impacts on women and girls.  The decisions involving these facilities should be made on the local level by those living in the community.  The federal government should not play any role in these decisions and is not granted the authority by the Constitution.

The extremely negative impacts the Equality Act will have on women’s sports has been well documented.

Does Anyone Really Think…

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…That anyone would be calling for the resignation of Gov Cuomo if Donald Trump was still president?

…That Andrew Cuomo will resign given that Ralph Northham stayed in office, not to mention Joe Biden & Tara Reade?

…That if Donald Trump was as unpopular as they left claims the Governor of GA would be publicly stating he would support him if he’s the nominee in 2024?

…That anyone on the left is going to care about what goes on in Chinese courts?

…That the media is going to question the silence of the Biden administration on visitor logs , the president’s schedule or his lack of a press conference?

…That the actions (and inactions) of the last month are indicative of a legitimately elected leadership being challenged by a neutral press?