They’re Not Even Trying Anymore

Posted: March 6, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Prince Humperdinck: Your Westley is dead, I killed him myself.

Buttercup: Then why is there fear in your eyes

The Princess Bride 1987

It’s now been just under 50 days since Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States and there is a definite change in the air and by the air I mean the airwaves.

I don’t mean the death of Rush Limbaugh which is of course a huge change in the airwaves I mean the tone.

I don’t mean the absence of Donald Trump which the media has done its best to create

For all of 2020 the News Media was in Persuade mode and once the vote count they became more intense because it was vital to convince people that impossible vote totals in key democrat cities along with attempts to prevent audits and actually stopping the vote count was not the sign of people stealing an election at all..

But now we have reached a point where the administration isn’t even trying to pretend that they are serving the people, not even the ones (and there were millions) who voted for him.

Then you have the house, rushing a vote on impeachment, looking so pathetic in their case that they force a vote on witnesses to produce evidence and then not daring to call a single witness for fear their own might have to testify under oath and lost.

They have reached the point where unable to defeat Donald Trump legitimately they are trying to set up their own kangaroo commission to establish a predetermined result but they are even trying to punish him after death.

Alas for them, when he shows his face the people cheer and his numbers continue to go up and with the failures of the Biden Administration that will only continue.

Meanwhile his enemies are in disarray. The Lincoln Project is revealed for the scum that they have already been. The GOP members of the House who voted against him are floundering in their districts, Mitch McConnell’s numbers have completely tanked, but in fairness having been just re-elected he likely doesn’t care. Nikki Haley cares and has discovered that appeasing the media that hates her vs respecting a President that honored her. And the Democrats are so afraid that they still have troops guarding them even if they don’t trust them and even making up threats that don’t exist

But the biggest change now is media.

They are no longer in “persuade mode” they are now fully and completely in propaganda mode

Never questioning, never wondering their only priority is to keep the country ignorant that the emperor has no clothes.

“Journalism” as a profession is gone, welcome to the age of open propaganda.

Closing thought: In fairness the vast majority of “journalism” over the last 25-30 years was already propaganda, the difference now is they aren’t even try to fake it anymore.


  1. EdC says:

    No need to hide. People have been sufficiently dumbed down.

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    Journalism is not dead, it just isn’t practiced by the coastal elite media. Which is why I don’t watch/listen/read them, but spend my time on sites like Datechguy.