Quick “Shooting the Movie in Da Neighborhood” Thoughts Under the Fedora

Posted: April 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

For a week now cars from the seventies have been parked on my street in anticipation of the shooting a scene from an Amazon Movie directed by George Clooney and Staring Ben Affleck. This morning things actually got rolling as they started putting props in place hence the bowling shoes ball and old bag and putting NY plates on the cars in the area and changing signs.

I’ve actually have quite a few things form the 70’s that I offered to let them use but never heard back.

We started getting notices on our doors a few weeks ago, they said they were going to shoot yesterday, then Tuesday , then back to yesterday and finally ended up going for today. My oldest hoping to get a batman thing singed by Clooney and Affleck took Wednesday off and crashed at the house, alas the schedule changed again and he’s out of the loop.

What was really odd is they sent a sidewalk sweeper around yesterday, not a street sweeper, but a sidewalk one. Apparently the dirt in the street isn’t a problem but they want clean sidewalks for the drive by shots.

Alas for the production there is a car parked in a person’s driveway with two flat tires and a bunch of Bernie stickers on it that was never moved. Apparently they’re going to have to CGI it out as it’s on private property and can’t just move it without the owner’s permission. The rest of us have been asked not to park our cars in the street. My car is old but even a 1999 Buick LeSabre can’t pass for a 1975 one which was ironically the 2nd car I ever had. My main worry is to be able to get to and from work today without grief.

Finally DaWife who is loath to get up early for any reason was up and dressed by 7 AM (waking me in the process) to go outside and is still there. Crew members have been here even earlier and are doing all the leg work that isn’t exciting anyone even though it’s vital to things actually getting done. Doing my best to stay out of their way since even though they’re in my neighborhood they are in fact at work putting in a day just as I will this afternoon. My wife has assigned an errand with my son that she was going to do today. Furthermore a large church of the neighbors are all outside looking. As one put it it’s the most excitement since that police standoff have a decade ago that we covered on the blog at the time.

Within 24 hours all will be normal and life will resume, the local drug dealers will be happy as they’ve had a case for restraint of trade all this week.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    Ha. That sounds like fun! About 5 years ago an outfit shot part of a tv series in our church. Since the show was set in the early 1960s the set dressers had to remove anything that looked newer than that. When they were done shooting, I got the job of hauling the church sound system out of the back room and reassembling it. They paid good though. A thousand bucks a day when they were shooting. We brought our granddaughter with us and she got to meet some of the actors. Good times.