Actually, we should buy lots of Coca-Cola

Posted: April 10, 2021 by ng36b in economy
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stock, that is.

Back when Coca-Cola cared about America. From Flickr.

I totally understand the desire to boycott Coca-Cola, Delta and others. And, truth be told, I haven’t bought Coca-Cola in…a long time. The fake high-fructose corn syrup was never good for you, and giving it up helps me maintain a healthy weight. So for me, boycotting Coca-Cola is easy.

Delta might be harder. What if Delta is the only ones to have a flight when I need it? Or, take Amazon and Home Depot. Sure, in many cases I can switch to another company, but at some point, Amazon might be the only place I can find something. Or Home Depot might be the only place I can get lumber at a reasonable price.

Truth be told, at some point boycotting doesn’t work. Unless we want to live isolated on our own 10 acres of land in a bunker with solar power and a well, we’ll have to use the services of places that don’t always line up with our views. Boycotting easily becomes a retreat, because once we stop buying Coca-Cola, why should Coke care about us anymore?

I propose we buy Coca-Cola…stock. Buy up the company. Once you have enough votes, you can kick out board members. When I heard Donald Trump was interested in starting his own social media platform, I thought “Why doesn’t he just buy Gab?” Heck, what if he found a way to buy out Twitter?

Boycotting is too often ceding ground to our enemies. They aren’t really interested in Coca-Cola, they are interested in punishing people they don’t like. Pushing back twice as hard is the only force they understand.

And, an additional note on my cryptocurrency article, based on the good sleuthing of a reader on Coinbase. Yes, Coinbase terms of service do allow for potentially blocking your account. That being said, there are some ways to prevent that from happening:

  1. Sign up with a fake email that you only check while using a VPN. That can keep you from personally having issues.
  2. Get a hardware wallet, like the Ledger X. People can send money to your hardware wallet that you physically own.

I use the Coinbase exchange, but I draw my coins off onto a hardware wallet. That keeps them from getting stolen and keeps my ownership of them secure. I don’t put it past Coinbase to go woke, but right now they have a lot of competition and its REALLY easy to shift to other exchanges, so hopefully that will keep them in check.

Good eye, Sailorcurt! Thanks for doing the digging and asking the hard questions!

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  1. The Dark Lord says:

    thats the suckers bet … 1) you are SUPPORTING the company … 2) you are locking up you money that could have been spend on something else 3) boycotts work … if half the country spent their soda money on Pepsi or someone elses soda then the CURRENT shareholders of Coke will fire the board, and its free to everyone (you wanted to spend the money on soda anyway)

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    I love your post. I don’t have much problem avoiding Coke products. At home it is mostly water or Diet Dew. Eating out it is mostly Diet Pepper or iced tea. By the way, I used to own Coke stock but it was going nowhere, so sold it after a few years. Now I own Apple, Verizon and AT&T among others and get a kick out of voting against all the directors.

    I have almost quit buying from Amazon but sometimes there isn’t a good alternative. Delta would be tough because they have a big hub in our city. But you are right about boycotting companies. If I boycotted every company that pi**ed me off I would be living in a mud hut rubbing sticks together to start a fire.