My Response to a Rather racist screed His right of speech and Mine of Association

Posted: May 2, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the great advantages of Gab is that people are free to say what they want and you the reader have the option to accept or reject, ignore or engage , block or allow opinions in your timeline.

The disadvantage of course is that occasionally you get stuff that is beyond the pale. I saw such a thing in my timeline which I won’t repeat here but will link if you want to read it.

My first instinct was to block the person and the one who reposted it but I thought the argument that skin color is an indication of all sorts of undesirable qualities merited a response. My reply follows between the separators (you’ll note that gab allows a longer response in a single gab than twitter does in a tweet)

May I point out that the increase in crime rates among Black Americans have nothing to do with race and skin color and everything to do with the great society disincentives for two parent families within said communities, creating generations of absent fathers which is a statistical recipe for criminal behavior in any population. I submit and suggest that without this the history of the last 50 years in general and in the black community in particular would have been very different.

Furthermore you also have the component of the unnatural selection of slaveholders who treated their black slaves as cattle encouraging the physically strongest to breed while discouraging the most intelligent (and thus the most likely to revolt or escape) from doing so.. Given that said slaveholder saw slaves as property rather than people it is understandable but no less horrific.

It was a rather ghastly exercise in eugenics that only began to be reversed after slavery and can easily be spotted when you contrast black African immigrants whose families were not subjected to it.

This was the best argument for affirmative action when it was first proposed to give American blacks a few generations to catch up but now it’s become a source of power and advantage and as a rule no group will willingly give us power or advantage.

Human beings having a soul and the divine God given spark always have the potential to overcome such things, either by a change in circumstance, environment or by education (an actual education not the slop that’s taught today) however the Democrat left has an incentive to keep American blacks in such a state as it is a source of power and wealth for them in terms of the graft they syphon from government “solutions”.

That’s the real irony the party of slavery is still gaining wealth and power by exploiting the black community, but has managed to market this exploitation to that community as a desired feature rather than a bug.

If the Democrats had been this successful in marketing this crap 160 years ago to the black community as they have been today you’d not only still have slavery as an institution but you’d have black slaves telling abolitionists to get lost.

It’s worth noting that until the black community decides to revolt against this exploitation by the media/political and academic left that they’ve been sold and insist on being the makers of their own destiny and taking the responsibly and risks of such a move this condition won’t change.

Till then you will continue to have the spectacle of people who have never been slaves determined to punish people who have never been slaveholders for actions that neither they nor their parents over trauma they never experienced generated by wrongs that they never suffered.

In fairness it’s a whole lot easier to do the later than the former.

Oh and for the record the person in question took exception to my response threw some insults my way to go along with it and insisted that I not put such things in his timeline which is odd because I didn’t complain when someone put his words in mine.

He has a perfect right to this opinion and the beauty of Gab is that it protects that right of his. There is no “bigot” or “idiot” exception to the 1st amendment or to the principle of free speech. There is however also a right to free association and fortunately Gab protects my right to choose not to associate with such idiots and bigots who throw insults. Even better rather than making the decision for me as if I was not competent to do so they allow me to exercise that right myself and I was happy to do so right after his response.

As scripture says don’t bother throwing pearls before swine.

  1. Deserttrek says:

    Thanks for a great explanation. Lots of what I have seen and think in a coherent manner.