Very Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora: Tebow, Audit Panic, Golden Globes, Pipelines and a Civil War Preview

Posted: May 11, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A reminder to every sports station that is making fun of the Tim Tebow signing, not only did he keep in shape thanks to his baseball career (where he made it to the AAA level) but everyone seems to forget that in his only season as a starter he went 7-4 as a starter with a .500 record in the playoffs and then was never given a starting job again.

They’ll never forgive him for his public Christianity.

The Democrat panic over the audits in Texas and other states is making a better argument for the steal of election than anything I can say.

In fairness however the democrats aren’t trying to win arguments they’re trying to enforce obedience.

I see the Golden Globes will not make it to TV this year.

Eventually when you shoot only for an easily outrages niche market the number of people willing to put up with you will shrink to a point where it isn’t worth the cash.

That’s where the woke news divisions are heading

There are already talks of gas lines and soon product shortages over the disruption of a pipeline due to a hack. Two thoughts leap to mind.

  1. There should ALWAYS be a manual override
  2. Normal people will suddenly find out what the Green decision to stop pipelines will cost.

This type of thing will cost the Democrats any state or federal election they can’t steal

Oh One other thing about the gas lines and the lack of goods that this pipeline thing will produce. It’s a sneak preview of the effect of any actual non-cold civil war will produce.

It’s something the urban left and those who are pushing this should consider, granted those who are paying for all this stuff would consider it a feature rather than a bug but those getting paid will quickly discover that it doesn’t matter how much you have in a bank account if you don’t have easy access to food or water.

  1. Deserttrek says:

    I don’t believe a word of the pipeline story, other than shortages.
    The “government” especially the fbi is not known for honesty.
    Could russian hackers have done something? Yes maybe
    I feel drumbeats for conflict. I hope I am wrong