Very Quick DaTechGuy Thoughts

Posted: August 28, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I see that the parole board has granted Parole to Sirhan Sirhan the killer of RFK with the backing of two of RFK’s kids. While I would not have done it as he served 50+ years for the murder and his kids went along with it who am I to say otherwise.

I’m old enough to remember when the media celebrated members of the military who attacked their Commander in Chief even as he led them to victory over terrorists. Apparently if a C in C has a “D” after his name then this type of dissent is no longer allowed., even if that C in C leads your forces to their worst defeat in decades and set them up for further slaughter.

Apparently a Bishop in Chicago has forbidden a priest from closing mass with a “Hail Mary” and the St. Michael prayer (which every mass at my parish is ended in). Not sure if this is a blanket ruling for his diocese but I’m remined of an old Catholic Quip: “In the days of Jesus 1 in 12 Bishops was a traitor, these days we’re not doing any better.”

That the Boston Red Sox are in a playoff race (although apparently not as much as they were a month ago) and I still haven’t bothered to watch a game tells me how much MLB has chased me away. If you told me three years ago this was possible I wouldn’t have believed you.

Finally a bit of Catholic advice. A friend of mine declined some advice to avoid confrontation with the devil taking instead a “Bring it on” attitude rather than one declining to engage & trusting in prayer. This has proved to be large mistake on my friend’s part. Never forget the Devil is a master psychologist with Millennia of experience dealing with humans. Don’t debate, don’t engage, prayer, scripture & occasional laughter are your best tools here.

  1. Deserttrek says:

    Regarding the Red Sox, never would have known without your comment. Agree, in 2019 was a rabid fan. When they full pro blm haven’t watched worn a hat or t shirt with the logo. Doubt I will ever watch again, as an apology to theUSA and The People, will never happen.