More “Unexpected” Economic News

Posted: September 2, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A while back I wrote how the Trump economy kept exceeding expectations from the media and various groups “unexpectedly” while during the Biden Administration years economic targets kept missing the projected marks, Unexpectedly of course.

Over the last month the disaster in Afghanistan has dominated the headlines but the various Economic reports still continue and the true to form the pattern hasn’t changed:

U.S. companies created far fewer jobs than expected in August as the Covid resurgence coincided with cutbacks in hiring, according to a report Wednesday from payroll services firm ADP.

My degree of shock at these results can scarcely be contained.

I’m sure that the press will spin this and the numbers that follow as much as possible in the Biden Administration’s favor but if nothing else it’s gives the press an excuse to change the subject from the disaster in Afghanistan which their allies in the administration would like to forget as soon as possible so expect them to give a lot of attention to said spin

Unexpectedly of course

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