A Sure Sign all the Connected Elites are Safely Out of Afghanistan

Posted: September 5, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Some might question the sudden pivot of the MSM from the Afghan debacle.

I don’t.

As I wrote before the primary reason why the MSM went out of character in going after the Biden admin was the fact that family and friends of global elites were stranded there and in danger. As long as the connected were in danger the bad press would continue until they were safe.

The sudden decision to pivot away tells me that those still left behind are no longer among the elites and thus may safely be ignored as the Taliban and ISIS and Al Qaeda kill them.

So no more pressure from our betters on the press which means no more pressure on the Biden Administration which means the Afghan story can safely go into the dustbin.

Unexpectedly of course

Closing thought: This proves once again that everyone is conservative about the things that affect them.

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