It Only Took Two Months of Tom Being Home for His Wife to Have a Change of Heart

Posted: March 13, 2022 by datechguy in nfl

For half a decade or more we have heard that Tom Brady’s wife wanted him to retire so as not to get himself hurt, that there was nothing left to prove, that he should be home with the family and the kids.

Amazing how one’s attitude changes after two months of the husband at home every day in the house that you ran:

Yup only two months to turn years of I don’t want you to get hurt honey into You go out and play if you want to.

It’s practically a sitcom cliché.

Closing thought, Aaron Rogers just lost a ton of NFL records for active players that he held just two days ago. .

  1. mickmar21 says:

    The grass is not always greener in the other paddock.