Democrats are destroying the United States because they are true believers

Posted: June 9, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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It is self evident that modern Democrats live in a fantasy world.  A world where the most fundamental natural laws do not exist.  In order to exist in that world they must ignore reality.   Facts and evidence are meaningless.  All that matters is what they feel and believe.   The state of conscious they inhabit resembles that of mystics who belong to a primitive religion. 

Progressivism, and all other offshoots of Marxism, are primitive religions who worship a harsh and unforgiving god, the all powerful State.  Modern Democrats follow the same Marxist religious belief system.

Every individual is free to believe whatever they wish.  No one has a right to force their beliefs on anyone else.  Unfortunately leftists believe they have every right to force their religious beliefs on the rest of humanity.  They force others to follow their belief system.

If an individual follows a belief system that is completely devoid of reality, that individual alone suffers the consequences.  Because leftists force others to follow their belief system, others suffer the consequences. When Democrats gain power over a community they try to force their belief system on everyone in that community.  The entire community then suffers the negative consequences.

This is exactly what is happening here in the United States. Ever since the Democrats stole the presidential election from Donald Trump they have been forcing their Marxist belief system on the entire United States,  The entire United States is paying the price for the Democrats denial of reality.

Democrats believe that man made climate change is destroying the planet, with every fiber of their being.  Man made climate change only exists in deeply flawed computer models.  Because of the belief in man made climate change, Democrats are destroying the economy of the United States, by forcing us to abandon fossil fuels, in favor of deeply flawed wind and solar power.  Millions are suffering because of skyrocketing gas prices.  How many will die during extreme cold and heat because of brownouts caused by the abandonment of fossil fuels to generate electricity, in favor of wind and solar.

Democrats believe Marxism is superior to capitalism, despite the devastation caused Marxism, compared to the overwhelming prosperity brought about by capitalism.  Because they believe this Democrats are destroying the economy of the United States.

Because Democrats believe their Marxist philosophies are superior to the founding principles of the United States, they have indoctrinated countless children into this mistaken belief system, destroying our education system, and potentially our entire nation.

I am a Roman Catholic.  I believe my religion is the best religion.  I know I have no right to force my religion on any other individual.  I have never tried to.  The United States would still be the freest and most prosperous nation if Democrats did not force their Marxist religion on everyone else, in direct violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

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