Questions about the “Gun Control Deal” So Obvious they Shouldn’t Need to Be Asked

Posted: June 14, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I like the folks at Powerline who have been blogging as long or longer than I have but in their review of the gun control “deal” there are some questions so obvious that I find it incredible that they are not asking them:

Investment in Children and Family Mental Health Services

What does this actually mean? Does it mean what it usually does basically a slush fund for various liberal NGO’s and funding activists? Does “Drag Queen Story Hour” qualify as such an investment?

Under 21 Enhanced Review Process

Will such a review be simply a check of juvenile court records or will it be something more? Will it check to see if an under 18, say , tweeted something against Gay Marriage? Objected to multiple pronouns? Insisted there were only two genders? Why would you think the left would not use these as part of such a review process?

Intervention Orders

Why does Powerline think the “more libs on the public payroll” which is the phrasing they use will not use this for interventions again as above? Why do they think these same libs are letting people go based on Race and have held the J6 defendants for over a year and are using political prosecutions against political foes will use this honesty?

Funding for School Safety Resources

What does this actually mean? Who determines what these resources are and how they provide safety? Given that the left’s pols can’t define “man” or “woman” how can we trust them to define “school safety recourse” in such a way as to fund their agenda or determine that any type of conservative thought, expression or action is “unsafe”?

And last but not least:

” it could have been a lot worse. ” (emphasis mine)

Seriously? During a year when the dishonest and dishonorable left are running for the hills is our standard for passing a hodgepodge of “gimmes” for the left that “it could have been a lot worse?” Are we really going to pass regulations that are going to be expanded and amended over the year in order to weaponize these rules against conservatives? Why are we going to trust these people who won’t condemn or even talk about the attempted murder of a Conservative SCOTUS to apply these rules fairly? And if you choose to argue that the Democrats who are negotiating this deal are not the crazies, why do you think that these folks who are too cowardly to stand up to their crazies now will do so when the chips are down?

If you want to know how we should deal with the left’s demands on gun control we should give them the same answer that Michael Corleone gave to the Senator trying to shake him down.

Until we see actual evidence of good faith from Democrats give them nothing. ignore their proposals, their demands. I’ll give the last work to Kurt:

 The left can only impose its will when it convinces us to choose to let them do so. They have to make us care. Look at them. They are a gaggle of mutated misfits, neurotic chicks, academic parasites, grievance hustlers, and femmy doofuses who can’t do a push-up. They can force nothing on us. That’s why they attempt to enlist the power of the state to do it for them, but their real power comes from us going along

Update: Ok I know this is going up at the same time as the base post but I added it after it was ready to be scheduled and it perfectly illustrates why we don’t need to give them a thing:

A passerby saw a man “aggressively” trying to get into the school building. When the man was unsuccessful, he tried several other doors, all of which were locked. The responsible observer called to report the man, the school principal put the building on lockdown and called in a police officer who doubles as the school resource officer, and that officer called for backup. If the reports are correct, the chain of command worked smoothly thanks to decisive action and quickly followed protocols.

The resource officer reportedly engaged the would-be invader, who then also allegedly attempted to forcefully enter a marked police vehicle and to take the officer’s gun. More police officers rushed to the scene to help, and the assailant was shot and killed. According to the city’s school superintendent, the schoolchildren who were there “seemed to be unaware the incident occurred.”

In other words, a man who “aggressively” tried to break into a school and take the firearm of a police officer was stopped because doors were properly locked and police officers acted bravely and urgently.

We know how to stop these guys but that’s not the goal of the left, it never has been.

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