I’m old enough to remember when we were told Merrick Garland was a “Moderate”…

Posted: June 16, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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…but as the AG he’s so “moderate” that vandalism, firebombings and direct physical threats to conservatives are not a priority

In one respect Garland is the perfect AG for Biden, two phony moderates who are basically Obama pawns whose primary goal is to go after any political foe with the power of the federal government from Donald Trump to parents who complain about school boards.

Oh and to answer Caroline Downey’s inquiry if the AG will do anything he will not because:

  1. These violent activists are the only group of Democrat voters excited to go to the pols in 2022
  2. These violent activists will happily target those who they consider apostates on the left before they target those on the right because they consider such people traitors.
  3. Garland is at best too cowardly to do his duty or at worst scum who never intended to honor his oath. I lean toward the latter but in fairness one should embrace the power of “and” rather than “or” here.

Every day that I see Garland trample on his oath with impunity I’m reminded that Mitch McConnell may have saved this nation by keeping this man off the Supreme Court.

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