No Vax No More License to Own Guns. Here’s a SCOTUS Case Just Waiting to Happen

Posted: July 1, 2022 by datechguy in News/opinion, the courts
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Apparently taking the jobs of Massachusetts State Police members who did not get the vax wasn’t enough for our state:

The head of the State Police has informed troopers fired for failing to get COVID shots that their permits to carry firearms will be “expired” as of next week.

Col. Christopher Mason’s letter, obtained by the Herald, adds the ex-troopers’ ability to possess guns or ammunition will be suspended until they seek licensing through their hometowns.

All the officers were subject to the governor’s Vax mandate and were denied exemptions without the right to appeal so now it’s surrender your legally purchased guns and ammo or become a felon:

“You will no longer be permitted to have firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, large capacity feeding devices, and ammunition in your possession. Possession of a firearm and/or ammunition without an LTC is a criminal offense” he wrote, with the last two words in boldface.

Former troopers have been advised, according to the letter, that they must surrender their firearms to a licensed person for the time being and that they must go through their hometown police chief in order to get a new license approved — a process that can take months.

Hey defy the vax mandate and out go your basic rights.

I think given what we’ve seen both from SCOTUS and now lower courts in response to these rulings, this is a rather winnable SCOTUS case, but if they don’t want to go through that hassle I’m sure there are Red States that would love to have trained State Police move on down and join their forces.

The race between my death from old age and Massachusetts becoming a state that is unlivable for free people continues apace.

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