Cheney 2024? She’d be Running for the Cash & Status

Posted: July 23, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I don’t understand the confusion about a possible Liz Cheney run for the GOP nomination for President.

But on what planet does Cheney think she would seriously have a shot at the nomination in 2024? She could obviously try to run as an independent and wind up on the back page like almost everyone else who has tried it. But to run as a Republican, she would have to win primaries in a lot of states where Donald Trump remains very popular, including her home state. Not every Republican voter is a Trump fan, it’s true. And there are still many who probably wish he would stay on the sidelines and let the party move on without the constant circus atmosphere that Trump always generates. But that doesn’t mean that they want to see him being trashed by Cheney in prime time every night on CNN.

The mistake here is the thought that she actually thinks she could win the nomination or that getting elected would be her goal.

The reality is that money would flow to from the left to her campaign, because her every appearance would be trashing Donald Trump. She would be constantly on TV not as a former congresswoman but as a former GOP presidential candidate. Furthermore those campaign funds can be used to enrich herself and or others to allow her influence.

Cheney likely has decades of life ahead of her, and apparently wants to delay her comfortable retirement as a person wealth but no influence for as long as possible. Once she is of no further use to the left she will discarded as all useful idiots are for the left who will not forgive her for opposing abortion and of course she will not be welcome on the right either.

So a 2024 Stop Trump campaign will be the best shot to delay that decent into irrelevance at least till she hits 60

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