The “Ron DeSantis urges Massachusetts to Vote Yes on Question 1” ad I would make

Posted: September 24, 2022 by datechguy in politics
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Experience keeps a dear School, but Fools will learn in no other

Ben Franklin

One of the things that I’ve always found amazing is that people repeatedly fall for the same old tricks. A great example of this is question 1 in Massachusetts which in their ads promises a giant windfall of tax revenue for all kinds of things by raising taxes on millionares.

Now this has been tried in states like NY and it has led to the plunging of tax revenues as people already with reasons to leave blue states have decided to take off.

Massachusetts being Massachusetts I don’t expect it to be easy to convince people that they are cutting their own throats but it seems to be there is one way that it could be done. If I was running the campaign to stop question one my ad would look something like this:

Hi I’m governor Ron DeSantis of the Great State of Florida
As governor of Florida is it my duty to advance the interests of my state and its people.
That’s why I urge voters in Massachusetts to vote YES on Question 1
Question 1 will enact a significant tax on your state’s highest earners who also tend to the the most mobile
New York state enacted such a tax and now tens of thousands of high earning and productive New Yorkers are now residents of Florida enjoying our warm weather, beautiful beaches and low taxes
We look forward to augmenting that number with tens of thousands more high earning and productive people from Massachusetts who will decide not to wait till retirement age to enjoy all the pleasures and opportunities that Florida offers
And have no fear, you can rest assured that my administration in Florida will pay back your generosity in providing us which such citizens by continuing our efforts to increase the diversity of your state via bus and plane so your state that takes pains to declare itself a sanctuary for all who come to America illlegally can demonstrate the virtue that it signals to all the world. It’s a win win!
So do your share to help keep Florida great and vote ‘Yes” on Question 1 this fall. My administration will be forever grateful.

I admit you might have to trim the wording a little for a one minute ad but once you have it down I’d be running this ad on a loop throughout the state.

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