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shadowscourgeMy review of Big Finish Adventure #13 The Shadow and the Scourge is now available at here.

This is the first of Two regular Doctor Who adventures that cross over with the Bernice Summerfield adventures. It hasn’t persuaded me to go chasing after them. They do actually predate the Dr. Who audios slightly (1 year). I suspect it is a matter of taste.

The casual decision reaction to death and mayhem even for the 7th doctor doesn’t seem to be in character. I wouldn’t suggest starting with this one.

Well the White house has an answer to debating Rush:

When pressed again on whether President Obama — the leader of the free world with the biggest megaphone — will take up Limbaugh’s offer, Ms. Barnes let out a burst of laughter. “Well, I think it’s probably unlikely, but we look forward to hearing more from Mr. Limbaugh and from others as we continue to address these problems,” she said.

So lets take it from the top:

Before the election they decide on a strategy of attacking Rush Limbaugh they anoint him leader of the opposition. They attack him by name and belittle Republicans for not rejecting him.

Rush offers him 3 hours on the most popular radio program in history to debate and the White house votes “present” rather than yes or no.

Apparently the president and his staff and his followers are not convinced they can stand up to Mr. Limbaugh and persuade this audience, particularly without a teleprompter to tell him what to say.

The longer they pause the more likely we will see more news outlets actually covering what Rush says instead of reporting on the faux Limbaugh image that the media and the White House.

And the president’s defenders? They attack Rush for his past addiction, make fun of his weight but are unable to answer his arguments. Note how many times Rush has mentioned our president’s admitted drug use during this debate? Not once.

Leaders all over the globe will note that the leader of the free world is afraid of a talk show host. This is going to bleed for a while as s it does Republicans and conservatives will gain courage to stand up to him. I think Glenn is right time to break out the Chicken Suit.

How do I know Rush is winning the war?

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Because the LA Times felt compelled to reprint his entire speech in context online with an introduction by Rush himself:

Greetings, readers,

You may not realize it, but you are actually doing something now that the Drive By Media consistently fails to do. You are actually reading what I had to say — in context no less — before forming an opinion on it.


And I want to give a special thanks to Top of the Ticket for making this happen (and you should too).

Rush Limbaugh

There will be a lot of liberal spam in comments but how many people who would not have ever read this speech will read it now and think about it?

The more people actually hear what Rush has to say, the less they phony picture of him created by the media can survive. (via Glenn)

Vincent LaGuardia Gambini vs Obama

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You know I’ve been thinking about Ann Althouse’s question today:

But Obama should be setting off positive fantasies around the world. That’s what he said he’d do. That’s what those of us who voted for him believed he would do. Come on! Where’s the magic?

What has happened reality has happened. Think of it this way.

Vincent LaGuardia Gambini as the real World

Vincent LaGuardia Gambini as the real World

Do you remember this guy? This is Vincent LaGuardia Gambini. He is Alakazam’s worst nightmare. he is the one who spots every trick, sees right through them. You can’t pull the wool over his eyes and he declares proudly:

Nobody – I mean nobody – pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini, especially this one.

The entire Obama phenomenon has been a magic trick. You have a guy who won his primaries by getting his opponent’s off the ballot, Who won his senate seat due to another scandal that knocked the incumbent Senator Jack Ryan off the ballot. Who didn’t even serve a single term before running for president. Who faced an adoring press that fawned over him, who played the race card against Bill Clinton and who used tactics against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin that reeked of misogyny.

And after the election we still see comics unable unwilling to make a joke about a president who can’t even announce a cabinet position without a teleprompter.

All of this might be fine for getting elected but once elected one has to govern. From Russia, to North Korea, to Syria, to Iran, to the stock market, to the banks, reality is intruding on the magic tricks. He can’t even make nice with our friends.

Gambini has him on the stand asking if he is sure about those five minutes. He doesn’t have an answer. It looks like some of us may have been mistaken.