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This article states that Vatican insiders think the pope is a disaster. Damion Thompson doesn’t proclaim it a false it just defines “insider“:

We learned this morning that “Vatican insiders” consider Benedict XVI “a disaster”. It’s true. They do think that. He’s a disaster for them, and their determination to turn the Catholic Church into a touchy-feely forum in which uncomfortable teachings and traditions are “modernised” to impress non-Catholics.

He elaborates for those who might be unclear on the concept:

Actually, Professor, if you’re a Catholic you should know that Benedict can be God’s spokesman and hold views unaccaptable to the religion page of the Washington Post… but there’s no point in arguing.

The point is that Benedict’s most relentless critics, the ones who are determined to extract every last ounce of rhetorical advantage from his predicament, are liberal Catholics. These days, for example, I can hardly bear to visit Andrew Sullivan’s brilliant website because he has constructed a caricature of a gay-bashing fundamentalist Pope that collapses as soon as you read what Joseph Ratzinger has actually written.

That’s the think about arguing against truth, it’s very hard. Much easier to argue against a pseudo truth than the real thing. It’s the favorite tactic to combat the church.

WBC Final: Toss up to me

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I Can’t see how you can pick a winner to the game tonight between Japan & Korea.

They have already played each other in the tourney 4 games and split them. Japan seems the superior team but Korea keeps rising to the occasion.

If I have to pick one I’ll say Japan but if Korea wins it will be no surprise to anyone.

Oh and I think it was rather disgraceful for the announcers last night to be going on about how the US manager priority isn’t winning. It’s an insult to Japan and sounds like sour grapes. What however is a bigger disgrace is they were likely right.

I second this motion but…

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…it doesn’t absolve the voter’s responsibility:

Hello, children, you elected this guy. Take some responsibility!

No, don’t go complaining the people did that. You did it. Obama is your man, your hero. You never vetted, never examined him in any depth at all, even though the candidate had hardly any experience other than running for office. (Oh, yes, he was a “community organizer.” So was I, in a sense. You want to elect me?)

He notes the rats jumping ship after only two months

But what we have instead is an orgy of finger-pointing. The four New York Times columnists referenced in the Politico article above are simultaneously ganging up on the man they thought, only eight weeks ago, was a combination of the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees. Nary a word of self criticism in their attacks. No surprise there – and don’t expect it in the future, any more than you will get an honest apologia from Messrs Frank and Dodd over Fannie and Freddie. Just like the politicians, these columnists are men and women (Dowd) who are concerned first and foremost about their jobs and power. They won’t do anything to jeopardize that. They’ve had that power for a long time, thinking it was permanent; but now that they see it might not be, they are holding on to it for dear life. Their jumping off the Obama bandwagon so early is a sign of what deep trouble he is in. And they desperately don’t want to be blamed for it.

But they will be blamed – by us and by other people. They deserve to be. Their day is over.

I have to disagree at this point. If it was even 10 years ago you might be able to make this argument but today we have the internet, and blogs, and fox news and people online who will not only fact check you but will have loud debates over who is saying what. If somebody barfs in bolivia you can’t hide it from the net.

Yet we the people with a vast amount of information at our fingertips. More info than the most powerful kings of yore or of FDR or even Reagan just 30 years ago, choose to watch youtube videos, play pogo or look for hot chicks online, play fantasy baseball or World of Warcraft. Plenty of vetting information not filtered by the press was out there for the people, they either choose to ignore it, discount it or most likely not bother to view it.

The press didn’t do their job in the last election that much is clear but did regular Americans. I can respect a person who knew this stuff but decided either his positions or their agenda was better served by candidate Obama vs candidate McCain, but I have little respect for those who didn’t even bother to check. They had access to all the stuff Roger is talking about but it just wasn’t important enough to check.

Like I always said we get the government we deserve.

…but he had some interesting opinions on the WBC.

The organizers of the Classic decided that the three countries in the first three spots of world baseball shall play it out in San Diego, including Cuba arbitrarily in the Asian group despite the fact that we are definitely in the Caribbean.

He being a communist dictator begins with a lie. Blaming the pool for making them face the Asian teams in the 2nd round. They are out to get Cuba. This is a bit disingenuous as on paper their pool was the 2nd easiest to advance from. (Only pool 1 with China & Taiwan was easier). South Africa was a pushover but Australia rose above expectations. If it wasn’t for a pinch home run in the 8th Cuba might have played an elimination game with Mexico in round one…

I doubt that any team from the West can defeat Japan and Korea in the group of competitors who will be playing in Los Angeles in the next three days.

In this case events have proven him right they have played excellent ball and have also been almost injury free. The only teams that were able to cope with them have been each other.

Go ahead and read the rest if your stomach can take it, bottom line. World is out to get Cuba and our young team need to look at the innovations of Japan.