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Oh and by the way those rockets…

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…they haven’t stopped falling on Israel.

As always Israellycool is on it.

In all fairness

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Would you? It’s sounds as promising as managing the 62 Mets.

Dynasty League Draft (Liveblog)

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Our Draft has begun We had 30 man rosters, you are allowed to keep players based on your finish the previous year. You can sign players for a max of 3 years after which they must re-enter the draft. Remember when people are picking different teams have different needs. A Team had the option to release a 1st round pick to retain 2 players and 1 player if you forfeit a 2nd or 3rd round pick. This is a new rule.

Round #1 Picks

1…Mets Joe Mauer (Minn) C (pick acquired from Traded from Toronto)
2…Florida Bernard Span (Minn) RF
3…Boston Ray Halladay (Tor) RHP starter
4…Mets Matt Holliday (Col) LF
5…KC I-Rod (NYY) C (I wouldn’t have thought he would have gone so high this season)
6…SD C.C. Sabathica (Mil) LHP
7…NYY Scotty Baker (Minn) RHP
8…Tor Jose Reyes (Mets) SS

I think the new draft rule really messes this up
Round #2
1…Tampa Bay Jason Worth (Phil) RF
2…Florida Gerald Laird (Tex) C
3…Boston Jose Valverde (Bos) RHP
4…Toronto (Acquired from the mets) David Bush (Tor) RHP 
5… Kansas Milton Bradley (Kan) RF
6…San Diego Rich Harden (San) RHP
7…Toronto Mike Adams (Tor) RHP
8..SF   Carlos Marmol  (Cubs)  RHP
9….Toronto  (pick acquired from StL)  Doug Mienkiewitz (Pitt) 1b 
10…Tampa Bay Grady Sizemore (Cleveland) CF

Looks like the Blame Bush Category was a good idea…

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…as the Washington Post notices:

“What the administration is involved in now is the politics of attribution,” said Lawrence R. Jacobs, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota. “Each week that goes by with falling job numbers and Republican criticism of the administration’s flaws means falling approval ratings. What’s the antidote? That the guilty party is George Bush.”

“The trick,” Jacobs said, “is how do you shift blame to George Bush and retain any credibility on the idea that you are looking past partisan warfare? This looks like a doubling down on a very partisan approach.”

And don’t think the old team doesn’t notice:

“There’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes trend taking place for someone who remains a very popular president,” said Ari Fleischer, a former Bush press secretary, describing the decline in Obama’s approval ratings and an increase in disapproval numbers. “His response to that trend is to turn up the blame on George Bush and everything that came before him. And he was the one who talked about getting past partisanship.”

It looks the fight with Matthews has made Ari the goto guy on all of this. And a good job he did.

I predict that president Bush is going to totally ignore this himself and enjoy life, but when he starts making speeches watch the press follow him and ask.