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prisonesdilemma1My review of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles adventure The Prisoner’s Dilemma is available at here.

This is the prequel to the Key 2 Time series however as long as you listen to it before the last part it works fine.

My review of the Big Finish Companion Chronicles story Fear of the Daleks is now available at here.


This is from the first season of the series and didn’t include any interviews. A shame as they would have been quite enjoyable.

I picked up this copy from the used section at Mike’s comics. Not a bad choice to get a few big finish cd’s below full retail.

Rush making profit for the cable networks

Posted: March 3, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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While our president’s policies manage to continue to tank the stock markets and erode confidence, Rush Limbaugh demonstrates how to generate income for a business:

Fox News and CNN each aired Limbaugh’s keynote speech to the CPAC Saturday afternoon. It was the biggest draw all weekend on cable news.

• From 4:46pm-6:20pmET Fox News averaged 511,000 A25-54 demo viewers and 2.22M Total Viewers. The network peaked at 6pm with 602,000/2.73M. FNC also produced an hour Sunday night at 9pmET with speech highlights which drew 454,000/1.66M. It was Sunday’s most-watched cable news hour.

It wasn’t known by Rush the CNN was going to carry the speech but they hit the jackpot too:

• CNN added another 222,000 demo viewers and 932,000 Total Viewers for their Limbaugh coverage from 4:47pm – 6:12pm.

And they have continued running with the story as well, it was a wise move for them.

And what about MSNBC, you know the network that only shows one 50 second clip over and over?

• MSNBC stayed with their documentary programming which, from 4pm-7pm, averaged 163,000 demo viewers and 374,000 Total Viewers.

After all what profiteth a network if it gains views for a day but angers it’s niche market? It also explains why Letterman goes on the attack but still hasn’t managed to come up with any joke critical of Obama.

P.S. If you don’t understand the line above then you need to read this post.

Amazon retreats slightly on the Kindle

Posted: March 3, 2009 by datechguy in tech
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Score one for the publishers:

“Amazon realized the magnitude of the contractual problem,” Aiken said Monday morning. “Many of the author’s publishing contracts give publishers the right to publish e-books, but only without enhancing audio. A reasonable reading of those contracts shows that publishers didn’t have the authority to sell e-books for use in a Kindle device with audio enhancement.”

An Amazon spokesman denied being pushed into Friday’s decision. As for whether contractual issues played a part, the spokesman repeated what the company said Friday: “Kindle 2’s experimental text-to-speech feature is legal.”

Aiken began criticizing Amazon soon after the Kindle 2’s debut last month. He argued that the retailer was violating the author’s copyright and was cutting them out of a potentially new and lucrative market.

On Friday, Amazon announced it would reconfigure the Kindle 2’s systems to allow publishers to disable the text-to-speech function for titles of their choosing. However, the retailer made it clear in the announcement that it believed text-to-speech did not violate copyright.

Amazon may be the big fish in the pool but they don’t own the lake.