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I’m Labashicuts!

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I’m with you Brother!

Florida trip blog

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The Right wing Gamer gives us a heads up on a few fun things if you decide to vacation in Sanibel Florida.

Todays World Baseball Classic games

Posted: March 10, 2009 by datechguy in baseball
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Some great games on tap for today:

5 p.m. Italy vs Venezuela

Hugo’s boys took Italy lightly and played a little sloppy early but the Italians failed to take advantage of men on base. I still get the feeling that they take them lightly, and the Italians have shown they can put runs on the board.

If Italy can score early then its anyone’s game. The Italian defense is going to be the key here. I’d like to see Italy bounce Hugo’s boys but I wouldn’t be willing to bet money on it.

5:30 p.m. Netherlands vs Dominican Republic

When they scheduled this game It was expected that it would be Panama vs Puerto Rico instead Panama is already out, Puerto Rico is in and the Dominican Republic wants revenge for its most humiliating defeat ever.

They will be gunning for the Dutch and look to put them away early, It will call come down to the Dutch starter in that respect. If they fall behind again I think they might crack like an egg. Robbie Cordemans being available might make all the difference.

The Dutch have to score period! If they can’t score they can’t win.

10:00 p.m. Cuba vs Australia.

Tonight we find out if the crushing of Mexico was a fluke or not. If Australia can put up the numbers against Cuba then there will be sweating in Mexico tomorrow.

I feel bad for the Cuban convict team. It’s hard to spend your life in a prison and know that if you try to escape your family will suffer, it must be even harder to have to play for your jailer. The sheer joy of Baseball is a partial release but its still a convict team playing under guard.

My take, I have no problem with them advancing if it means some of their guys can jump the fence and escape, if they are just going to stay prisoners, they might as well get bounced now and go back to prison.

Rush is being slightly disingenuous…

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….when he talks about the Federalist papers and the separation of powers.

Not that he is incorrect when he talks about it. That is exactly right this was what the founding fathers intended and slowing this stuff down is the proper function of the senate…

…However I do recall back in 2002-2004 Rush complaining about the senate obstructing the will of the people when certain Bush era items were being pushed. I confess I don’t recall the exact items that were being pushed but I do remember the argument that the house reflects the current will of the people, and that is certainly correct. President Obama could make that same argument if he wanted to.

He didn’t quote those particular parts of the federalist papers at that time, although he often did quote other parts of them in other matters.

Oh and if you’ve never read the Federalist Papers you should.