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The Catholic Church is not a lunch Buffet

Posted: March 15, 2009 by datechguy in catholic

And Bishop Joesph Martino will not let it be served up as a sacrifice to expedency:

“He’s a feisty guy. He’s got his views and he lets them be known,” said David Gibson, a former Vatican radio journalist and the author of two books on Catholicism. “I don’t think he cares about winning any popularity contests — that’s not in the equation for him. He just wants to do what is right for the people of his diocese.”

The showdown over Saturday’s pre-parade Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral started with a letter to organizers last month. In it, Martino said he would temporarily close the church if the event “should honor pro-abortion officials and the Catholic Church is seen to be involved in this honoring.”

He is taking an active participation in the function of “catholic” institutions in his diocese:

Martino also blasted the Diversity Institute at Misericordia University, founded by the Sisters of Mercy, for sponsoring lectures by a gay-rights advocate last month. Calling the speaker’s beliefs “disturbingly opposed to Catholic moral teaching,” Martino demanded the school disband the institute and disclose the names and content of classes that purport to teach Catholic sexual morality.

“It is not only my right, but my obligation to ensure that authentic Catholic teaching is being provided in all Catholic institutions in this Diocese, and that viewpoints in opposition to this teaching are not being presented as acceptable alternatives,” Martino wrote in a statement.

The Church’s job is not to win a popularity contest, it is to be a depositary for truth and a path to salvation. It looks like this fellow has read the job description and understood it. We need more like him.

David Frum on Meet the Press what a shock

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If anyone had any doubt that the gravy train has arrived for David Frum the fact that he is on Meet the Press this week should confirm it.

With Kathleen Parker and David Brooks they will now be the favorite Republicans in the world. He follows the well trodden path of Andrew Sullivan and will make his fortune.

And just to note something from the show, when Frum defended Steele’s statement on abortion, he said that it should be permissible in the Republican party to have that opinion, however when Tavis Smiley then stated that positions would have to change before the party can attract minorities, Frum didn’t defend the pro-life position he offered that Republican positions would change.

In other words to all we have to do to attract new people to the republican party is to stop being Republicans. Great Idea; after all we saw how well abandoning orthodoxy worked for the Catholic Church in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t we?

Hitting Rush will make him money, hitting republicans will make him money and will make him quotable on networks like CNN.

Oh and it is now 11 days since Rush issued his challenge.

All about Michelle (no not That one)

Posted: March 15, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news

I mean Michelle Malkin the woman who Chris Matthews hates as much as he loves Obama.

She was one of the first to embrace the blogging style nearly a decade ago

The story is here, they are very right she is very abrasive and solid in what she thinks is right and wrong but the closing paragraph is one of the main reasons why she is one of my favorite bloggers.

America has never lost its promise for Malkin’s parents, as she related in a column published 16 years ago. “[M]y mother likes to remind me that she has a great advantage over her children,” Malkin wrote. “She was born poor in a foreign country that offered no opportunity for advancement. Unlike jaded American cynics who’ve grown to despise our country’s greatest legacy, she’ll never take for granted the gift of the American Dream. I hope I never do either.”

I love people who remember where they came from.

WBC Roundup

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I certainly didn’t anticipate the US being mercyed by Puerto Rico, but then again I didn’t see Mexico having the same issue with Australia.

Today at 4 we have the Cuba Japan rematch of the previous final. This is likely going to be the best game of the series. Both my guts and my desire says Japan wins here.

After the 7:30 game either the US or the Dutch will be going home. Both have several disadvantages. The US will be facing a Dutch team with solid pitching while their pitching has been iffy, in addition they haven’t seen the dutch pitchers before and last year’s MVP Dustin Pedrioa is hurt.

The Dutch are facing a US team as strong as any other in the tourney on paper that is itching to prove that yesterday’s loss was a fluke.

I really can’t see the US blowing this one.

Korea Mexico at 11 p.m. I’m going to miss since I have a breakfast engagement tomorrow. My gut says Korea wins this one.