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Some things never change

Posted: August 4, 2009 by datechguy in fun
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Still reading Hart’s Volume one of American History told by Contemporaries. I still have 150 pages or so to go. It’s a very small font and interesting but slow reading, both due to the age and the style of the documents and of the writer, but there is one thing that jumped out at me today as I read it at Funspot in between games of Paragon pinball and Red Baron (sitdown model)

On page 388 there is a small section written in 1641 by a person named Thomas Lechford called “A note of what things I misliked in the Country (Massachusetts)” Professor Harts subnotes on this section had me laughing aloud. I quote them directly:

The first lawyer in the colony (se No 91 above): he was not kindly received and his notes are rather prejudiced.

I guess our early ancestors aren’t all that different than the rest of us, either that or lawyers haven’t changed in centuries.

…mainly as an old comic guy I didn’t see the connection and frankly didn’t think the Dark Knight movie portrayal was the end of all things as some do but the predictable reaction has produced a very great line from Bob Owens:

A lot of people are getting their noses out of joint about a poster popping up around Los Angeles comparing President Barack Obama to the Joker.

Frankly, I don’t get it.

One embraces terrorists and madmen, is dedicated to anarchy and the destruction of capitalist society, and sends the population fleeing in horror from his creations.

The other is a fictional character played by the late Heath Ledger.

Absolutely classic, the Anchoress adds some serious perspective:

Obama’s predecessor endured 8 Years of Assassination Fascination. Actually, the “Assassinate Bush Chic” began even before the 2000 election, when Craig Kilborn flashed “snipers wanted” under a picture of Bush. So-called “newsmen” like Keith Olbermann repeatedly called the president “a fascist” and “a terrorist.” And Obama supporters can’t handle The Joker and the word “Socialism”?

Politics is ugly, and it is often over-the-top but that’s not new. Photoshop happens; it’s a free country. I myself have been photoshopped next to a dancing condom, a commentary on my annoying habit of being a Catholic.

And a sliver lining:

This Obama/Joker portrait is actually heartening to me. I may not have liked the press’ incessant attacks on Bush, and some of the uglier media put out about him, but I never found any of that as worrying as I have found the unquestioning incuriosity of the Obama-press, or the inclination by some to treat him as something more than a mortal politician voted into office by the people. The self-censoring we have seen in media has been sad and a little chilling. More chilling than any of the pics used here.

Gotta love that left. Now its off to funspot with the youngest for the day.