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Great find by WI Catholic Musings…

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…concerning “Myths” that non-Catholics have concerning Catholics.

Should be required watching for non-Catholics and Catholics alike. Go over there and watch it.

Update: Some readers said they couldn’t see it there so I’ll include it here.

I mentioned this in passing but thought i’d put the full letter out there for you to see:

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Subject: Current activities of Vietnam Vets Against the War


I was writing a blog post concerning attitudes about Iraq and Afghanistan since the election. To this end I checked out your web site and noted that it had been over a year (June 2008) since you had a press release.

Considering the attention or lack thereof by the media over Cindy Sheehan’s activates on Martha’s Vineyard I was curious what you guys thought so I have the following questions:

Do you still oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? If not why not?

Presuming you still oppose one or both wars what public events have you had over the last 6 months to publicize this opposition?

If the number of activities is significantly smaller then during previous years why is that?

Why have you had no press releases over the last year?

Does VVAW have a position concerning Ms. Sheehan’s current activities?

Does VVAW agree with Charlie Gibson who when asked about Ms. Sheehan’s current activates said “Enough Already”

Any information on these questions would be most appreciated.



P.S. a FYI when I clicked on Robert Gronko on the e-mail list my anti-virus went nuts so he might want to check his yahoo account and run a good anti-virus.

All of those e-mail addresses are publicly listed on the VVAW site. I’m figuring it will be at least 24 hours before I hear anything and I have important personal business tomorrow so unless I happen to catch something today I likely won’t have a full follow up post on it till Wednesday.

Today on Morning Joe Scarborough asked Carl Bernstein about this article that asked: “Could Afghanistan become Obama’s Vietnam?”

The great liberal lion of a reporter answered emphatically No!

Well there is this wonderful time machine called google and if you do a search for Afghanistan and Vietnam and exclude the words Obama and 2009 there are 18 million results..

They started right away in October 2001 from small sites to more famous writers like R. W. Apple in the New York Times and continue to Anti-war dot com in November.

And it continued through the years from John Pilger in the new statesman, Ted Kennedy in 2005 and all the other usual suspects.

Only still carries the flag. I checked Vietnam Vet’s against the war. They haven’t had a press release since Mid 2008. I’ve sent them an e-mail on the subject and will let you know what they say.

I wonder what might be different today as compared to the last 8 years?

How Clueless is Joe Scarborough lately?

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…He actually called Mitt Romney the leader of the republican party and called upon him to restrain Sarah Palin.

I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking when I saw it.

In fairness Joe has been pretty reasonable today, I woke up early and he has made some good points today from the right and has beaten democrats with the “filibuster proof majority” stick all day.

But Mr #25,538 is smoking something if he think Mitt is leading anything. He is playing Duck and Cover.

That was almost as funny as this line from Howard Kurtz:

Perhaps journalists are no more trusted than politicians these days, or many folks never saw the knockdown stories

perhaps, PERHAPS? Ya THINK!

Update: Stop the ACLU goes after Kurtz’s entire column.