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I finally finished Albert B. Hart mammoth American History told by Contemporaries Vol 1. My Review on Amazon is available here.

This is a hard reading book but an invaluable reference and guide to how people actually thought.

On Meet the Press’ roundtable the first clip they played was Rush commenting on Pelsoi and saying that they are more like Nazi’s that the protesters. The “Conservative” David Brooks and Jon Meacham of Newsweek called him insane and attacked Sarah Palin as Crazy too.

No mention of what is actually in the bill, no mention that the Speaker of the House first claimed protesters were carrying Swastikas. Not a word about the astroTurfing of the left or the SEIU beatings. David Gregory served up the desired clip and got the phony response.

When the media asks why it is not believed or trusted this is it. They are not reporters, they are advocates.

Update: Howie Kurtz and Linda Douglas play the game too!

Cook notices something odd:

After taking back the House and the Senate in 2006, Democrats continued banging the anti-Republican drum, pushing toward the goal of grabbing the White House and a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the upper chamber. Barack Obama won the presidency, and Arlen Specter’s party switch and Al Franken’s successful recount finally gave Democrats the Senate margin they coveted.

So with the horrible Republicans finally vanquished and everything they stood for finally repudiated, Democrats at last could move beyond belly-aching and begin ignoring the GOP. It was time to cash the blank check voters had provided. On with the revolution!

But now, as President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and their followers try to fast-track radical health care reforms and an economy-crushing cap-and-trade scheme, they’re whining that their agenda is simply too important to be passed by just one party — that they need Republican support to speed passage and help unify and heal the nation.

The simple answer:

Democrats desperately need a few spineless Republicans to provide them with political cover. In next year’s campaign, Democrats need to be able to tell voters that ObamaCare, cap-and-trade, further deficit spending and huge tax hikes have bipartisan support. When the polls show public disapproval, the programs implode and the economy doesn’t recover, Democrats need to be able to tell Americans that Republicans are to blame.

If these guys thought for a moment it would work it would sail through both houses and they’d be dying to take the credit..

Mike’s comics on the blogroll

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If you read this blog for any length of time you know I am a big fan of Doctor Who in general and the Big Finish Audio’s in particular.

I’ve also mentioned Mike’s Comics out of Worcester Mass as a great place to get your Doctor Who audios. They sell strictly via mail order (otherwise I’d drive down there and likely be spending MUCH too much on the audio’s I’m missing).

However I only just discovered they have a blog on Live Journal a twitter feed and a presence on Facebook and MySpace.

So to make things easier I’m just going to include all of those in the Doctor Who section of my blogroll, so when you read my next review of a doctor who audio you can be a click away from the best place in the US (including Amazon) to buy it.