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The Sock Puppet has a point…

Posted: August 1, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news

…on principle concerning the Olberman/Factor feud:

It makes no difference what one thinks of O’Reilly’s attacks on the corporate activities of GE or Olbermann’s criticisms of O’Reilly and Fox News. Whatever one’s views on that are — and I watch neither show very often — those are perfectly legitimate subjects for news reporting and commentary, and the corporate decree to stop commenting on those topics is nothing less than corporate censorship.

His opinion of Olbermann’s veracity vs O’Reilly’s is nonsense of course but he is very right that a corporate truce smells big time. If it had been a question of viewers being sick of it that would be one thing but if a deal can be done on one thing then it can be done on others.

It is interesting to note that Olbermann lied through his teeth concerning it as well:

Olbermann claimed at the end of his broadcast that he would cease referring to O’Reilly in the future because ignoring him (and “quarantining” Fox) would supposedly help get O’Reilly off the air (“So as of this show‘s end, I will retire the name, the photograph, and the caricature”).

Apparently Olbermann didn’t figure on disclose or doesn’t care about lying.

Now this is a minor issue and it was reported on (eventually) but consider how many major issues this might happen on? That is the thing we should worry about.

Oh and I should point out you should read the whole thing since his second point concerning Richard Wolfe is pretty good too. The sock puppet is on a roll today.

Amazon Review: Atlantic Wave 1316 CD Tower

Posted: August 1, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews, oddities

My review of Atlantic’s Wave 1316 CD tower (holds 112 cd’s) is available at here.

It took me a while to break down and buy one. I had a vertical CD tower with a wood base that I picked up at a 2nd hand store that I absolutely loved, but couldn’t find one that matched it. I finally settled on the 1316 as the closest match out there at a good price.

If you collect the Big Finish Doctor who line this is EXACTLY the rack for you. Almost certainly you will be importing them to a PC or Ipod so they won’t be taken down much but as a fan you won’t want to part with them. Two of these will hold just about all the Doctor Who lines, a third will hold all the new releases.