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According to a national officer of Vietnam Vets against the war, the group will decline a request from Cindy Sheehan for an enforcement of her protest of President Barak Obama

A couple of days ago I posted on the whole Afghanistan Quagmire business. I followed up with an e-mail to Vietnam Veterans against the War to see if there was any change to their positions with a different administration in office.

I sent the e-mail to all 15 contact names available on the site. Only one person responded.

John Zutz is a national officer of Vietnam Veterans against the war. He very graciously answered the questions of a total stranger and only asked that his e-mail response in full be reprinted:

His reply to my e-mail follows His answers to my questions are in blue:

Whoever you are,

I’ll try to answer your questions below.

John Zutz


I was writing a blog post concerning attitudes about Iraq and Afghanistan since the election. To this end I checked out your web site and noted that it had been over a year (June 2008) since you had a press release.

Considering the attention or lack thereof by the media over Cindy Sheehan’s activates on Martha’s Vineyard I was curious what you guys thought so I have the following questions:

Do you still oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? If not why not?

We oppose the war, and now the occupation of Iraq. We found that Afghanistan is an operation on which reasonable people can differ. Since we couldn’t come to a consensus, we didn’t take a position.

Presuming you still oppose one or both wars what public events have you had over the last 6 months to publicize this opposition?

Guess you haven’t been reading The Veteran – our national newspaper. The last issue came out for Memorial Day, and the next issue will be out for Veterans Day. They are available on our web site. We’re even getting a bunch of the old (and some of the really old) issues on line.

If the number of activities is significantly smaller then during previous years why is that?

I don’t know. Have you counted? Perhaps we’re forgoing quantity and emphasizing quality.

Why have you had no press releases over the last year?

Guess we didn’t feel we had anything new to say.

Does VVAW have a position concerning Ms. Sheehan’s current activities?

The National Office is discussing her request for endorsement right now. I voted in favor of endorsement but it looks like I’ll be in the minority and we’re not going to endorse her actions.

Does VVAW agree with Charlie Gibson who when asked about Ms. Sheehan’s current activates said “Enough Already”

VVAW doesn’t have a position, as I pointed out above. And just why would anyone give a flying f— what Charlie Gibson says? Where did he serve?

I personally remember how she was a leader in rallying people to end the war. She had her 15 minutes and it would be real easy for her to fade away, but she’s coming back for more. Sure, some of her ideas are pretty flakey, but then again she’s doing something – when nobody else is doing much of anything. I say it’ll be enough when the troops come home. Go Girl!!!

Any information on these questions would be most appreciated.



P.S. a FYI when I clicked on Robert Gronko on the e-mail list my anti-virus went nuts so he might want to check his yahoo account and run a good anti-virus.

I was surprised that the vets didn’t have an official opinion on Afghanistan although if you look at the latest issue of their magazine there is certainly a lot of unofficial feeling against it. It appears there have been some activities including at least one march in Washington since the election but they seem (like Cindy Sheehan) to have fallen under the national radar, certainly there were no press releases to promote them. Their newspaper appears very happy with the election of President Obama, but that might be more a function to their dislike of President Bush

As for Cindy Sheehan, I wasn’t aware a formal request was made for support. Mr. Zutz certainly supports her (and has choice words for Charlie Gibson’s statement) but it appears he is going to be outvoted. One can only speculate as to why.

So here is what we DO know:

VVAW still opposes Iraq and has no position on Afghanistan

They are still active but have not put out any press releases, nor has the media seemed interested in covering their events.

Cindy Sheehan has officially requested enforcement of her protest against President Obama but apparently the majority of the board will decline to endorse it.

One final note: A search for “Vietnam Vets against the war” in Google News produces one result. If you look at the search results from 2005-2009 the graphic is very interesting.

Results of Google search for "Vietnam Vets against the War"  2005-2009

The news stops at January 2009. Nothing beyond.

In closing I want to thank Mr. Zutz for answering my questions so promptly and forthrightly.

Oh we also know it is possible to actually break news from the couch at your home.

How it’s done

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As usual Sarah Palin shows how something is done right:

I would like to extend our sympathies to the Kennedy family as we hear word about the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. He believed in our country and fought passionately for his convictions.

Short correct and acknowledging potential disagreement without attacking it. Not a trace of politics.

Robert Stacy McCain is one of my favorite bloggers. Yesterday this post went up at his blog:

Aurelio Vallerillo-Sanchez is So totally going to hell.

The post is the story of a 39 year old fellow who assaulted a 14 year old girl, got her pregnant then Stole a 300 year old painting of the Madonna from a church and took the painting and the girl to Mexico, then sold the painting to pay for an Abortion.

In the end the abortion didn’t happen, the child wasn’t put up for adoption and Aurelio Vallerillo Sanchez is now off to serve a 70 year jail term.

I read that headline and understood the irony and humor but all I could think when I read it was: I sure hope not.

What I would like to see is a man who repents and eventually makes it to heaven. There is no limit to the power and mercy of God. I think the abortion was avoided by the mercy of God and the intercession of Mary. I think that the repentance and redemption of Aurelio Vallerillo-Sanchez would be a wonderful thing. I think there is nothing more pleasing to God and more frustrating to Satan than to pull a soul ANY SOUL that is “so going to hell” out of the fire.

I tell you, in just the same way there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance. Luke 15:7

Now if you’re an atheist you think this is all a fairy tale so this shouldn’t offend you (if you are offended then I guess you’re not the atheist you think you are) if you are a Christian in general or a Catholic in particular you might say: “But DaTechGuy you can’t mean Any Soul? What about someone like Tim McVeigh?” Funny you should bring him up:

Somewhere along the line, clearly something went horribly wrong, and he made a series of choices that culminated in the horrific crime for which he paid the ultimate penalty of the law. But at the end, we know McVeigh was anointed. We may presume that he confessed his sins, since the anointing of the sick, assuming the person about to die is conscious, requires such a confession before the sacrament can be conferred.

If this is the case, and McVeigh’s confession and contrition were sincere, he received Christ’s pardon for all his sins, thus reopening the way to heaven. According to Catholic teaching, McVeigh faced his Lord and Savior for judgment immediately after his death. If he was indeed in a state of grace, he would be received into heaven or sent to an intermediate state called purgatory for a period of purification. There also he would be punished for past sins that, although repented, still needed to be atoned for.

Personally I really like the idea of McVeigh in purgatory and eventually heaven, imagine a soul all ready for the pit suddenly stolen away mere hours from damnation. That type of thing drives Satan nuts.

Now before the inevitable angry comments about justice go up I would remind all Christians of this little prayer that you likely pray every day:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and do not subject us to the final test, but deliver us from the evil one. Matt 6:9-13 emphasis mine

The next two verses are even more blunt:

If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions. Matt 6:14,15

Every time you say the Our Father (of you prefer the term The Lord’s Prayer) and you choose not to forgive you are condemning yourself. Christ was very explicit here. He meant to be. This is not an optional doctrine. These are the rules.

I suspect the potential satisfaction of somebody’s damnation will be considerably lessened if you’re burning next to him. I think I’d prefer mercy for me any anyone else who’ll accept it.

And if you are a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular you should too.

The Anchoress shows Christian Charity

Some Doctor Who News today…

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BBC Image from the Two Doctors

BBC Image from the Two Doctors

in FACT a lot. Big Finish finished has announced that Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon will return to the Tardis as companion to the 6th doctor for three episodes in 2010 begining with episode #133.

No titles or details have been released concerning these stories yet. In the last few hours Big finish gave the following details:

“We’re trying something a little different next year,” announces executive producer Nicholas Briggs, “with some surprising combinations of Doctors and companions. So it’s with great pleasure that I can announce that Frazer Hines will be reprising the role of Jamie McCrimmon, joining the Sixth Doctor for four brand new adventures.”

Three of these stories will comprise a season of full-cast plays, to be released between April and June. The fourth will be a tie-in Companion Chronicle story, which will be released in May, and will be performed by Hines alongside an as yet unnamed guest star. Hines, of course, accompanied the Second Doctor in his travels on TV between 1966-1969, and returned alongside the Second and Sixth Doctors in The Two Doctors (1984).

the Doctor and Nyssa from the BBC site

the Doctor and Nyssa from the BBC site

And if that wasn’t enough big news they have further announced that not only will Janet Fielding Return as Tegan but we will have Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa in the tardis together AT THE SAME TIME
from the BBC Site

from the BBC Site

July 2010 brings another season of three stories, this time reuniting members of the TV cast for the first time in 26 years. “Janet Fielding will be back as Tegan Jovanka,” says Briggs, “for three stories that include Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Mark Strickson as Vislor Turlough. Getting these actors together in one studio is a first for us – Janet has only done one play with us before, while Mark now lives in New Zealand. But they’ve all committed to the project and we couldn’t be more excited!”

For a year that was supposed to be thin for us Doctor Who fans an awful lot is happening.

and I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that Forever Janette the Dr. Who/ Forever Knight crossover is back today too, our cup Tardis runnith over.