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Writes Mark Steyn, via Tim Blair as he tells us of a Americans doing a job Canadians won’t.

Jose Reyes is out for the year

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Of course the the way the Mets are playing it doesn’t matter but that makes my trade look even better.

Off to North Bridge and Mighty Subs…

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…for the last full day that My kids and my wife have before they all head back to school or start college.

We try to picnic at North Bridge in Concord at least once a year. It is a wonderful and historic spot for picnicking and I recommend it highly to everyone.

Therefore blogging will abruptly stop for the day in an hour or two. I don’t do remote blogging often. I don’t have enough of a life to begin with (:c).

Oh and speaking of Mighty Subs and their 20″ subs if you don’t take my word about how awesome it is check out this blog. These guys decided to do the ENTIRE mighty subs menu and blog and review it each item.

The Chicken Cutlet is wonderful, only Linguine’s chicken cutlet in Marlborough can compare to it.

Of course if I can’t get you to go peacefully…

Sam Tanenhaus the Senior editor of the New York Times Book Review has his own book on Conservatism coming out next Tuesday. The Death of Conservatism. He promoted it on Morning Joe today.

As of this moment it ranks #17,330 in Books on which means before release it has edged out Joe Scarborough’s The last best hope currently ranked #19,057 in Books

He must have been very busy working on this book, it must be taking time away from his duties from the New York Times Book Review since he hasn’t had time to review Culture of Corruption the #1 book on the best seller list for the last 4 weeks. (ranked #7 in Books on Amazon)

Or Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny (ranked #25 in Books on Amazon) 3rd on NYT best seller list.

Or Beck’s Common Sense (ranked #4 in Books on Amazon)

Or Dick Morris’ Catastrophe (ranked #43 in Books) 5th on the best seller list.

Maybe once he’s done with his book tour he can get around to having someone reviewing them.

You know it’s as if the Media chooses to ignore certain facts they don’t like or something.

Update: I guess PJ. O’Rourke will read it.

Update 2: Stacy links to another reader Rick Moran. Not sure if he has read or reviewed any of the above books either.